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Location Baltic Sea
Coordinates 54°32′19″N 13°18′0″E / 54.53861°N 13.30000°E / 54.53861; 13.30000
Area 0.07 ha (0.17 acres)
Length 0.400 m (1.312 ft)
Width 0.150 m (0.492 ft)
Population 0

Beuchel is a tiny, uninhabited island in the Neuendorfer Wiek bay of the German island of Rügen, and is only a little over a hundred metres off Rügen. It measures roughly 400 by 150 metres, and has an area of 7 ha (approx 17. acres). The kidney-shaped island is flat and treeless.

The island was declared a nature reserve in 1940 to protect the birds brooding or resting there, and cannot be visited.

Coordinates: 54°32′N 13°18′E / 54.533°N 13.300°E / 54.533; 13.300