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Beverley Jackson
Born (1928-11-20) November 20, 1928 (age 89)
Los Angeles
Occupation Novelist, columnist, lecturer, curator
Genre Literature

Beverley Jackson is an American writer on Chinese culture and fashion. Her published works cover life in 1920s and 1930s Shanghai, the Chinese practice of foot binding, and the system of Mandarin ranks. She has been a journalist, photographer, freelance writer, lecturer, and curator of Chinese textiles.


Early Life and education[edit]

Beverley Jackson was born to Dorothy and Philip Jacobson in Los Angeles, CA on November 20, 1928. She grew up in Los Angeles, graduating from Westlake School for Girls in 1946.[1] She attended UCLA, USC, Otis Art Institute, and Kahn Art Institute.


In 1963 Beverley moved to Santa Barbara, CA and for almost 25 years wrote the tri-weekly column "By the Way" for the Santa Barbara News Press.[2] She was the winner of the California Photography Contest of the Los Angeles Times.[3]


Beverley has lectured on the subjects of her published works for over 10 years in cities around the world.[4]


Beverley began collecting Chinese textiles in 1975 during a trip to Shanghai. Her collection of Qing textiles, especially the imperial robes, became known internationally and were exhibited in special museums on occasion including the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena

Published Works[edit]

Splendid Slippers – 1998 Ten Speed Press.[5] Winner of the Bookbuilders West 1998 Judge's Choice Award. "This book of Jackson's has been acknowledged in medical circles for its information on Chinese footbinding: "Little has been written about the former Chinese custom of footbinding, particularly its physical ramifications. But a new book which details this orthopedic nightmare from a social and cultural standpoint includes a medical chapter containing information (and x-rays) about what physically happened to millions of women over the centuries who endured the procedures."[6]

Ladder to the Clouds: Intrigues and Traditions of Chinese Rank coauthored by Dr. David Hugus- 1999 Ten Speed Press.[7] Runner-up Winner of the Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Awards 2000

Kingfisher Blue – 2001 Ten Speed Press[8]

Shanghai Girl Gets All Dressed Up – 2005 Ten Speed Press[9]

1910 A Grand Tour of Asia coauthored by Hania Tallmadge – 2006 Ten Speed Press[10]

The Beautiful Lady Was A Palace Eunuch – 2011 Create Space[11]


Additional reading[edit]

Splendid Slippers