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Beverly Dahlen (November 7, 1934 - ) is an American poet who lives and works in San Francisco, CA.

Life and work[edit]

Dahlen is a native of Portland, Oregon where she attended public schools. Dahlen moved with her family to Eureka, California after World War II. In 1956, she resettled in San Francisco where she has lived for many years. Her first book, Out of the Third, was published by Momo's Press in 1974. Two chapbooks, A Letter at Easter (Effie's Press, 1976) and The Egyptian Poems (Hipparchia Press, 1983) were followed by the publication of the first volume of A Reading in 1985 (A Reading 1—7, Momo's Press). Since then, three more volumes of A Reading have appeared, a serial poem that continues to be in process.[1]

Dahlen was a cofounder, with Kathleen Fraser and Frances Jaffer of the feminist poetics newsletter (HOW)ever. In December 2008 her work was honored by Small Press Traffic with their annual Lifetime Achievement Award.[2] She also received a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants to Artists award (2013).[3]

Selected publications[edit]

  • A letter at Easter. Emeryville, CA: Effie's Press. 1976.
  • The Egyptian poems : poems. Berkeley, Calif.: Hipparchia Press. 1983.
  • A reading 1-7. San Francisco: Momo's Press. 1985.
  • Something / Nothing A Talk Given at the Conference of Women Working In Literature, San Francisco State University. San Francisco. 1985. [pamphlet]
  • A reading 11-17. Elmwood, Conn.: Potes & Poets Press. 1989.
  • A reading 8-10. Chax Press. 1992.
  • A-reading Spicer & eighteen sonnets. Tucson: Chax Press. 2004.
  • A reading 18-20. Instance Press, 2006.
  • A reading: birds. little red leaves. 2011.
  • The rose: a poem. Houston, Tex: little red leaves. 2013.
  • Two Poems. Houston, Tex.: little red leaves. 2015.


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