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Beverly Feldman, is a shoe designer.[1] She was born and raised in Massachusetts[2] and trained as a shoe illustrator and designer at New York's Pratt Institute[3] graduating in 1965.


After graduating, Feldman became art director for fashion consultant Doris Weston.[4] In the 1970s Feldman was a designer for I. Miller[1] and was subsequently design director for both Pankin[1] and Andrew Geller.[2] At the age of 31, she opened her own business Lucky Lizard Trading Company[5] based in Alicante, Spain, where she still lives and designs today.[6]

Feldman has commented that she decided to design shoes due to the fact that she finds happiness in making women happy, and she knows that shoes make women happy. Feldman grew up in a small New England town. She lives in Spain. She owns eight poodles.[7] She created her own webpage, wrote the text, and designed her shoes and bags. The slogan of her business is “Too much is not enough.” [8][9][10]


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