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The Beverly Handicap was an American Thoroughbred horse race first run in 1938 at Washington Park Race Track in the Chicago metropolitan area[1] and moved to Arlington Park in 1962.[2] A race for fillies and mares age three and older, the Beverly Handicap was run on dirt until 1965 when it was changed to a race on turf.

The race was run in two divisions in 1966.

In 1954, Hall of Fame jockey Johnny Adams won the Beverly Handicap on his fortieth birthday. Riding Good Call, he edged out runnerup Vixenfixit, ridden by his son, Ralph Adams.[3]

In 1959, Honey's Gem won the Beverly, setting an American record of 1:34.00 for a mile on dirt. Her record was equaled by the 1961 winner, Equifun.[4]


1970 Blue Rage 4 Jorge Tejeira Ronnie Warren Mrs. Russell L. Reineman 1-1/8M 1:47.80
1969 Pattee Canyon 4 Eddie Arroyo Stanley M. Rieser Barbara Hunter 1-1/8M 1:48.60
1968 Spire 4 Fernando Alvarez Horatio Luro George R. Wallace 1M 1:42.00
1967 Margarethen 5 Jimmy Nichols Charles P. Sanborn Ernest H. Woods 1-1/8M 1:50.80
1966 Short Fall 4 Ronnie Ferraro Warren J. Pascuma Raymond E. Karlinsky 1-1/16M 1:43.00
1966 Margarethen 4 Jimmy Nichols Charles P. Sanborn Ernest H. Woods 1-1/16M 1:43.00
1965 Swoonalong 4 David Kassen Brian Ott E. Gay Drake 1M 1:35.60
1964 Star Maggie 4 Bill Shoemaker Joseph S. Dunn Mr.& Mrs. John T. Jones 1M 1:37.80
1963 Patrol Woman 4 Jimmy Nichols Kenny Noe, Sr. Mrs. Joseph A. Goodwin 1M 1:36.20
1962 Kootenai 4 Bill Shoemaker Stanley M. Rieser Barbara Hunter 1-1/8M 1:40.60
1961 Equifun 5 Sidney Le Jeune Glenn Ballenger John E. Hughes 1M 1:34.00
1960 Indian Maid 4 John L. Rotz Philip G. Johnson Mary D. Keim 1M 1:36.80
1959 Honey's Gem 4 Johnny Longden Noble Threewitt Conejo Ranch 1M 1:34.00
1958 Bornastar 5 Kenneth Church W. Graves Sparks J. Graham Brown 1M 1:35.80
1957 Dotted Line 4 Jack Skelly Max Hirsch King Ranch 1-1/8M 1:49.40
1956 Amoret 4 Bill Hartack Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 1-1/8M 1:49.60
1955 Queen Hopeful 4 John H. Adams Harry Trotsek Hasty House Farm 1M 1:35.40
1954 Good Call 4 John H. Adams Fairway Farm 1M
1953 Sunny Dale 5 William McKinley Dave Piper 1M 1:36.00
1952 Real Delight 3 Eddie Arcaro Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 1M 1:34.80
1951 Wistful 5 Steve Brooks Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 1M 1:35.80
1950 Lithe 4 Eldon Nelson Frank Barnett Hal Price Headley 1-1/8M 1:50.20
1949 Bewitch 4 Steve Brooks Ben A. Jones Calumet Farm 1M 1:34.40
1948 Honeymoon 5 Jack Westrope Graceton Philpot W-L Ranch Co. 1M 1:35.00
1947 Be Faithful 5 Jack Westrope H. H. Pete Battle Mrs. E. E. Dale Shaffer 1M 1:38.00
1946 Be Faithful 4 Jack Westrope Graceton Philpot Louis B. Mayer 1-1/8M 1:49.40
1945 Durazna 4 John M. Goode Brownell Combs 1-1/8M 1:51.40
1944 Traffic Court 6 Al Bodlou Nick Burger 1-1/8M 1:50.20
1943 Askmenow 3 George Woolf Kenneth Osborne Hal Price Headley 1-1/8M 1:51.00
1942 Montsin 5 Frank Gill Hyman Friedberg 1M 1:37.80
1941 Montsin 5 Hyman Friedberg 1M
1940 Busy Morn 5 Kenneth McCombs B. F. Masterson 1M 1:38.60
1939 Smart Trick 3 Jimmy Ashcroft Jake Lowenstein Morris Vehon 1M,70YDS 1:44.80
1938 Novelette 3 Nunzio Pariso Jake Lowenstein Mrs. Jake Lowenstein 1M,70YDS 1:43.40