Beverly Hills Preparatory School

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Rexford College Preparatory School
9250 Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California
Coordinates 34°3′33.11″N 118°23′37.14″W / 34.0591972°N 118.3936500°W / 34.0591972; -118.3936500Coordinates: 34°3′33.11″N 118°23′37.14″W / 34.0591972°N 118.3936500°W / 34.0591972; -118.3936500
Type college preparatory private school
School district Beverly Hills, Los Angeles
Principal David and Pearl Axlerod
Grades 7th to 12th grade
Number of students 100
Athletics Roxbury Park

Beverly Hills Preparatory School is a college preparatory private school in Beverly Hills, California. Dan Brown, the author of The Da Vinci Code, worked as both an English and a Spanish teacher at "Beverly Hills Prep".[1][2]

16 students are enrolled, from 7th to 12th grade; the school is located at 9250 Olympic Boulevard.

The school was formerly known as Rexford College Preparatory School, rather than Beverly Hills Preparatory School.

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