Beverly Lane

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Beverly Lane
Directed by Joshua Hull
Produced by Jim Dougherty
Joshua Hull
Written by Joshua Hull
Starring Jim O'Rear
Noah East
Raymond Kester
Donald A. Becker
James Copeland
Mark A. Nash
Music by Noah East
Aaron M. Esche
Virgil Franklin
Frankie Hull
Cinematography Jim Dougherty
Edited by Jim Dougherty
Distributed by 3 O'clock Pictures
Arsonist Pictures
Release date
  • October 29, 2010 (2010-10-29) (Noblesville, Indiana)[1]
Running time
69 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1200[2]

Beverly Lane is 2010 comedy horror written and directed by Joshua Hull. It stars Jim O'Rear, Noah East, Raymond Kester, Donald A. Becker, James Copeland, and Mark A. Nash. East plays an office worker who must defend himself against zombies, unhelpful co-workers, and annoying party entertainers.


On his first day at a new job at a local metal company, Andy attends the boring retirement party of a manager. The party includes clowns, mimes, and magicians, all of whom are eccentric and annoy the office workers. However, the frustrated office workers are soon put into an even worse situation when zombies attack the building.


  • Jim O'Rear as Adam Cadabra
  • Noah East as Andy
  • Raymond Kester as Terry
  • Donald A. Becker as Steve
  • James Copeland as Ronnie
  • Mark A. Nash as Scotty
  • Martin Stapleton as Bübbles The English Clown


Beverly Lane was financed entirely by director Joshua Hull and producer/co-star Jim Dougherty. The film was shot in four days, and they needed to shoot 20 pages a day in order to stay on schedule. Jim O'Rear heard about the film and joined about a month prior to filming.[3] The film was originally envisioned as a web series, but they decided that the story was better suited to a feature film.[2] The first day of filming was March 13, 2010, and it included use of local Indiana locations, such as a scrap yard.[4]


On October 29, 2010, Beverly Lane premiered in Noblesville, Indiana. It included a costume contest and prizes.[1] It was released on DVD October 25, 2011.[5] It also played at Gen Con in 2011.[6]


Mark L. Miller of AICN wrote, "I must admit some of the deliveries are amateurish, but as I said above this film has a fun spirit, keeps things darkly humorous throughout, and is actually a lot of fun to watch as long as you aren't expecting an Oscar-winning film."[3]


Beverly Lane won Best Horror Film at the GIF Festival and five Golden Cob awards, including one for Hull himself, who won Best Emerging Filmmaker.[2][6]


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