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Beverly Matherne (born March 15, 1946 in Louisiana) is an American writer and poet.

Born in Acadiana, along the Mississippi River, by New Orleans she studied French literature at the University of California, Berkeley. She is a strong defender of French language in Louisiana, and a member of CIEF (Conseil International d'Études Francophones). She has published her poems in numerous magazines and several bilingual poetry books in French and English. She was awarded with some literature prizes and is a professor at Northern Michigan University. She currently lives in Marquette.

Homage to Beverly Matherne's poem The Blues Cryin', painting by Gianpiero Actis, Italy


  • Images cadiennes (Cajun Images), 1994
  • Je me souviens de la Louisiane (I Remember Louisiana), 1994
  • La Grande Pointe (Grand Point), 1995
  • Le blues braillant (The Blues Cryin'), 1999
  • Lamothe-Cadillac:Sa jeunesse en France (Lamothe-Cadillac: His Early Days in France), 2009.
  • Bayou Des Acadiens (Blind River), ~2016

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