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Beverly Whipple is Professor Emerita at Rutgers University and a professional author and sexologist. She is a co-author of the publication The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality.


Following a career in nursing, much of her academic work has been concerned with the enhancement of female sexual function. In 1981, she was co-author of Addiego et al.'s "Female ejaculation: a case study." The paper was presented in The Journal of Sex Research and includes the first published instance of the term "G-Spot".[1]


Following the book, Whipple continued to publicize her work, including a 9 min video made in 1981 Orgasmic Expulsions of Fluid in the Sexually Stimulated Female.[2] In 1984, the Journal of Sex Research described the debate surrounding female ejaculation as 'heated'.[3]

Her techniques include using fMRI scans to gather evidence on what is happening in the brain.[4] Her animal experiments contributed to the isolation of the vasoactive intestinal peptide[5] and the discovery that orgasms can be rerouted to the brain via the vagus nerve without using the spinal cord,[6] thus enabling females with spinal cord injury to achieve orgasm by psychological stimulation alone.[7]


The following is a list of books that have been written or co-written by Whipple.[8]

  • The G Spot: And Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality (1982) with Alice Khan Ladas and John D. Perry
  • Safe Encounters: How Women Can Say Yes to Pleasure and No to Unsafe Sex (1989) with Gina Ogden
  • Smart Women, Strong Bones (2000) with Ronda Gates
  • Outwitting Osteoporosis: The Smart Woman's Guide To Bone Health (2003) with Ronda Gates
  • The G Spot: And Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality (2005) with Alice Khan Ladas and John D. Perry
  • The Science of Orgasm (2006) with Barry R. Komisaruk and Carlos Beyer-Flores
  • Women's Sexualities: Generations of Women Share Intimate Secrets of Sexual Self-Acceptance (2006) with Carol Rinkleib Ellison
  • The Orgasm Answer Guide (2009) with Barry R. Komisaruk, Sara Nasserzadeh and Carlos Beyer-Flores


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