Beware the Heavens

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Beware the Heavens
Beware the Heavens.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 21, 1999
GenreHeavy metal, power metal
LabelNuclear Blast
ProducerFredrik Nordström
Sinergy chronology
Beware the Heavens
To Hell and Back

Beware the Heavens is the first album by the power metal band Sinergy, released in 1999. The album features two instrumental tracks "Born Unto Fire and Passion" and "Pulsation", and a track inspired by the series Xena: The Warrior Princess, entitled "The Warrior Princess". Some melodies that can be heard in the song "Beware the Heavens" were sampled from a song called "Translucent image" by IneartheD (now known as Children of Bodom); the song is featured on IneartheD's 1995 demo Ubiquitous Absence Of Remission. This is the only album where Jesper Strömblad (In Flames guitarist) plays guitar alongside Alexi Laiho; his position was filled in by Roope Latvala on all subsequent albums.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Venomous Vixens" – 3:15
  2. "The Fourth World" – 4:23
  3. "Born Unto Fire and Passion" – 1:46
  4. "The Warrior Princess" – 4:51
  5. "Beware the Heavens" – 3:54
  6. "Razorblade Salvation" – 4:57
  7. "Swarmed" – 5:25
  8. "Pulsation" – 1:45
  9. "Virtual Future" – 4:08
  10. "Beware the Heavens" Demo Version (Japan bonus track) – 3:51

Bonus tracks on Deluxe Edition[edit]

  1. "Rock You Like a Hurricane" (Scorpions cover)
  2. "The Number of the Beast" (Iron Maiden cover)
  3. "Gimme Gimme Gimme" (ABBA cover)