Bexbach Power Station

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Bexbach Power Station
Kraftwerk Bexbach 2011.jpg
Bexbach Power Station is located in Germany
Bexbach Power Station
Location of Bexbach Power Station
Country Germany
Location Bexbach
Coordinates 49°21′47″N 7°14′16″E / 49.36306°N 7.23778°E / 49.36306; 7.23778Coordinates: 49°21′47″N 7°14′16″E / 49.36306°N 7.23778°E / 49.36306; 7.23778
Commission date 1953
Owner(s) Evonik Industries
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 773 MW

Bexbach Power Station is a coal-fired power station in the Bexbach municipality of Saarland, Germany. It has an output capacity of 773 megawatts. The chimney of the power station is 240 metres high. It can store up to 200,000 tons of coal. It is the most efficient power station in the Saarland.[citation needed]

The first power station in Bexbach, called the St. Barbara, was inaugurated in 1953. It had a capacity of only 100 MW. In 1979 construction of today's facility began. It became operational in 1983.

75% of the power plant is owned by KBV Bexbach Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH (EnBW Kraftwerke AG 2/3; STEAG Power Saar GmbH 1/3) and 25% is owned by EnBW Kraftwerke AG.

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