Beykent Educational Institutions

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Beykent Educational Institutions
Beykent Eğitim Kurumları
Beykent Educational Foundation Logo.png
Seal of Beykent Educational Foundation
Motto Bilginin Işığında Bir Gelecek
Motto in English
Future in the Light of Knowledge
Type Private


Adem Çelik
Chancellor Fatma Günal[2]
Location Istanbul,  Turkey
Campus Istanbul and Edirne
Dark Royal Blue and Maroon
Affiliations World School [3]


Beykent Educational Institutions (Turkish: Beykent Eğitim Kurumları) are a group of schools in Edirne and European side of Istanbul, Turkey, established by Beykent University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Adem Çelik. Private Istanbul Beykent Primary School and Private Istanbul Beykent Anatolian High School were established in 1990. Adem Çelik, architect of the Beykent Settlement Project, established a primary school and donated it to Ministry of National Education in 1990.

Private Beykent Foreign Language Intensive High School was established in 1994. Private Edirne Beykent High School, Private Edirne Beykent Anatolian High School, and Private Edirne Beykent Primary School were established in 1997. Private Edirne Beykent Science High School was established in 2003–2004; Private Beykent Social Sciences High School in 2005–2006; Edirne Beykent Kindergarten in 2006–2007; and Private Istanbul Beykent Science High School and Private Beykent Kindergarten were established in 2007–2008. Beykent Educational Institutions now offers classes from kindergarten through university!

Beykent Educational Institutions Mission Statement[edit]

Beykent Educational Institutions aims to provide all students with a certain core of skills, knowledge and experience that will enable them to function effectively in a rapidly changing world. As the open minded citizens of the 21st century they should be able to use their knowledge, attitudes, and skills in their own cultural communities and beyond their cultural borders to become effective and communicative citizens in the global community.

Beykent Educational Institutions Aims To Implement International Baccalaureate[edit]

Beykent Educational Institutions located in two different cities, have done many important contributions to education and pioneered model studies in the region it is located since the day Beykent Educational Institutions were opened. In 2006-2007 academic years, application for candidateship to International Baccalaureate IB Middle Years Programme with the aim of reaching world standards in education and conducting more systematic studies, has been accepted on April 15, 2011.[5][6] Edirne and Istanbul Beykent Educational Institutions are candidate schools for IB Primary Years Programme and IB Diploma Programme and seeking authorization in 2013-2014 academic year.

  • To reach world standards in education services for students aged 3–19 by gathering educational understanding and philosophy of all Beykent Educational Institutions under a single roof.
  • To ensure common approaches to develop and implement education programs
  • To standardize education management understanding in all Beykent Educational Institutions
  • To gain knowledge and experience about developing update strategies of education understanding according to the requirements of the age
  • To support professional development of education staff in an international level.
  • To contribute to the evaluating of school’s own development with more objectively by enabling to investigate educational activities continuously from authorities outside of school and to structure educational activities in that respect.
  • To enable institutional development and growth by increasing the quality of education equally and balanced in all Beykent Educational Institutions.[7]


  • Istanbul Beykent Kindergarten
  • Istanbul Beykent Primary School
  • Istanbul Beykent Anatolian High School
  • Istanbul Beykent Social Sciences High School
  • Istanbul Beykent Science Studies High School
  • Beykent University
  • Edirne Beykent Kindergarten
  • Edirne Beykent Primary School
  • Edirne Beykent College [8] (English Preparatory School of Anatolian High School)
  • Edirne Beykent Anatolian High School
  • Edirne Beykent Science Studies High School

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