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Beyond Compare
Developer(s)Scooter Software
Stable release
4.4.7 / October 19, 2023; 3 months ago (2023-10-19)
Operating systemWindows, Mac, Linux
Size21.2 MB
TypeData comparison

Beyond Compare is a proprietary data comparison utility. In addition to comparing files, the program is capable of performing side-by-side comparisons of directories, FTP and SFTP directories, Dropbox directories, Amazon S3 directories, and archives.[1] It is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. One of the features of Beyond Compare is its configurability as a difftool and mergetool of version control systems, such as git.[2]


In an April 2009 review, Beyond Compare received a four out of five rating stars by CNET. The reviewers initially found the user interface to be "a little overwhelming", but they "quickly got the hang of it" after using the program for a while.[3] PC World writer Michael Desmond included the program in a 2005 list of utilities for a "Trouble-Free PC" and praised its "watch list" feature.[4] Beyond Compare also was featured in the March 2005 issue of the Windows IT Pro magazine, in the "What's Hot" section.[5]

Scott Mitchell, writing for MSDN Magazine, identified the program's comparison rules as its most powerful feature.[6] The customizable rules control which differences between two files should be flagged as such. A set of predefined rules are included for the comparison of common file types, such as C++ source code, XML, and HTML files.[6]

Steve Gibson of GRC recommended it as "a really cool...very smart Windows-based source comparison tool".[7]

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