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Beyond Ex-Gay, or bXg, is a website devoted to people who at one time participated in the ex-gay movement in an attempt to change their sexual orientation to heterosexual, but who then later went on to acknowledge their sexual orientation as falling under the LGBT umbrella. These people are also known as “ex-ex-gay”. The site was founded by Christine Bakke[1] and Peterson Toscano with technical help from Steve Boese.

Public Website[edit]

The public area of the site includes narratives of people who spent time in the ex-gay movement involved in conversion therapy and other forms of ex-gay treatment and ministry. In addition, there are pages with poetry, artwork, and articles by ex-ex-gay people.

Private Ning Network[edit]

The site also includes a private Ning network that serves as an online support group for people who have gone through ex-gay experiences. Here, ex-ex-gays can help each other unpack their emotions and experiences using online forums, blogs, and discussion groups.


Together with Soulforce, bXg put together the Ex-Gay Survivor Conference[2] in Irvine, CA, the first conference of its kind which also coincided with the Exodus International conference happening the same week also in Irvine, CA.

They also organized a press conference on June 27, 2007 in Los Angeles, CA where three former Exodus International leaders issued a public apology for their roles in providing and promoting ex-gay conversion therapy.[3] These three included Jermey Marks of Courage UK, Micheal Bussee, one of the original founders of Exodus International and Darlene Bogle.

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