Beyond Hamsterdam

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Beyond Hamsterdam
Soundtrack album by various artists
Released January 7, 2008 (2008-01-07)
Length 43:05

Beyond Hamsterdam: Baltimore Tracks from The Wire is the second soundtrack album from the television series The Wire.

Track list[edit]

No. Title Artist Length
1. "Way Down in the Hole" DoMaJe 1:45
2. "Projects (Produced by Darkroom Productions)" Tyree Colion 4:32
3. "Dance My Pain Away (Produced by Rod Lee)" Rod Lee 2:51
4. "My Life Extra" DJ Technics 2:39
5. "What You Know About Baltimore (Produced By Darkroom Productions)" Ogun Feat. Phathead 3:59
6. "Jail Flick (Produced by Darkroom Productions)" Diablo 4:07
7. "When You See Us (Produced by Darkroom Productions)" The Get Em Mamis Feat. L. Cash 4:06
8. "That's Da Sound" Dirty Hartz Feat. Verb 3:55
9. "Ayo" Bossman 3:52
10. "The Life, The Hood, The Streetz (Produced by Mbah)" Mullyman 4:44
11. "Assume the Position" Lafayette Gilchrist 6:32
Total length: 43:05