Beyond Rangoon (soundtrack)

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Beyond Rangoon
Beyond Rangoon (soundtrack).jpg
Soundtrack album by Hans Zimmer
Released 15 August 1995[1]
Genre Film score, new-age, ancient
Length 38:44
Label Milan Records, RCA Records
Producer Hans Zimmer, Jay Rifkin

Beyond Rangoon is an original soundtrack album written by the German composer Hans Zimmer. The film Beyond Rangoon and the album were released in 1995. It features the nature of the Burmese background during and after the 8888 Uprising in Burma. In this ethnic tropes music, Hans Zimmer highlights on South-East Asia tradition where he employs pipes, wood flutes, and native rhythms with vivid effects to demonstrate the character of the students' strike in 1988, Burma and their fleeing Rangoon after martial law imposed.

Soundtrack titles[edit]

Waters of Irrawaddy 3:48 minutes
Memories of the Dead 1:45
I Dreamt I Woke up 8:41
Freedom from Fear 1:06
Brother Morphine 1:49
Our Ways Will Part 7:11
Village Under Siege 4:10
Beyond Rangoon 10:09

External links[edit]

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