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Beyond Security, Inc.
Industry Information Security
Founded 1999
Headquarters Cupertino, California
Key people
Co-founder and CEO: Aviram Jenik; Co-founder and CTO: Noam Rathaus
Products Automated Vulnerability Detection System (AVDS), beSTORM software and protocol fuzzer
Revenue Privately held
Number of employees
Slogan Know that you are safe

Beyond Security is a developer of IT security products that specializes in vulnerability assessment (VA) and vulnerability management (VM) products. The company is best known for its information security portal SecuriTeam, and its research and discovery of various security holes in products and applications[1][2] and research in the fields of botnets.[3][4]

Beyond Security's R&D center is based in Netanya, Israel and its US headquarters are in Cupertino, California. The company was founded in 1999 by Aviram Jenik (now CEO) and Noam Rathaus (now CTO). Beyond Security has a total of 30 employees worldwide.

Product lines: Appliance based Vulnerability Assessment and Management Tools (AVDS - Automated Vulnerability Detection System) with centralized Management and reporting engine. The VA/VM system is also available as a non central managed which can be used for smaller company units and/or Consultants that want to serve customers on different places without offering managed services.

Automated 2nd generation Fuzzing Tool with around 150 protocol testing tools covering network based protocols an Web Applications. The Fuzzing Tool is very flexible due to an auto recognition module for proprietary protocols. The tool has an easy to use GUI and comes with Windows and Linux flavour. Installation of the tool needs around 5 minutes and then is ready to operate. It consists of a Testing Client (which includes all protocol modules - f.e. BGP, BVLC (BACnet transport), DHCP, Diameter, DNP3 (SCADA), DNS, FTP, GTPv1 (GTP-U), HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, HTTPS, IMAP, ISUP (SIP-I, SIP-T), ISAKMP (IKE), LDAP, LLC, M3UA (MTP3), MGCP (Megaco, H.248), Modbus (SCADA), NNTP, NTP, OSPF, POP3, Radius, RSH, RTP, RTSP, SDP, SIP, SNMP (v1, v2 and v3 with/without MD5, SHA and DES), SMTP, STUN, SYSLOG, SSH, TFTP, Teredo, Telnet, TPKT (RFC 1006), etc.) and a monitoring application that monitors the tested system.

Beyond Security has recently been involved in investigating cyberattacks on Estonia and provided assistance to the local CERT office.[5][6]


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