Beyond the Beltway

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Beyond the Beltway
Genre political talk radio
Running time 2 hours
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
Home station WCGO
TV adaptations Beyond the Beltway (WYCC)
Starring Bruce DuMont
Created by Bruce DuMont
Original release 1980 (1980) – present

Beyond the Beltway, hosted by Bruce DuMont, is a nationally syndicated political talk-radio show based in Chicago. It airs 7-9 PM (EST) every Sunday night on more than 20 terrestrial stations and Sirius XM Satellite Radio (POTUS Channel 124) as well as online at In February 2015, Beyond the Beltway was removed from the lineup of Chicago's 50,000-watt WLS 890 AM, the show's flagship station since November 1992, and picked up by WCGO 1590 AM, a 10,000-watt station based out of Evanston, Illinois.[1]

It is videotaped live at the Museum of Broadcast Communications, which DuMont founded in 1987, and replayed on WYCC, Chicago's secondary PBS station, on Sunday nights at midnight.[2] It is also shown at various times throughout the week, including Mondays at 11 PM, on CN100 in the Chicago area.[3] Beyond the Beltway made headlines in March 2012 when DuMont challenged Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum for criticizing President Obama's stance on prosecuting child pornographers.[4][5][6]


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