Beyond the Infinite

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Beyond The Infinite
Junoreactor beyondtheinfinite.jpg
Studio album by
  • October 1, 1995 (UK)
  • April 17, 1996 (Japan/US)
LabelBlue Room Released (UK)
ProducerJuno Reactor
Juno Reactor chronology
Beyond The Infinite
Bible of Dreams

Beyond the Infinite is the third album released by the multi-genre trance group Juno Reactor.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks made by Ben Watkins with collaborators mentioned on the track list.

  1. "Guardian Angel" – 7:11 (with Mike Maguire)
  2. "Magnetic" – 8:08 (with Paul Jackson)
  3. "Ice Cube" – 7:03 (with Paul Jackson, Mike Maguire)
  4. "Feel The Universe" – 7:39 (with Johann Bley, Stephen Holweck, Mike Maguire)
  5. "Razorback"* – 6:55 (with Mike Maguire, Paul Jackson)
  6. "Samurai" – 8:17 (with Johann Bley)
  7. "Silver" – 6:36 (with Mike Maguire)
  8. "Rotorblade" – 8:19 (with Jens Waldebäck)
  9. "Mars" – 7:10 (with Stephen Holweck, Mike Maguire)

* Hypnotic Records (US) release only.


  • The song "Feel the Universe" contains a sample of Kyle MacLachlan murmuring, "I feel the universe functioning perfectly..." This sample is from Oliver Stone's film The Doors.
  • "Rotorblade" contains another Kyle MacLachlan sample, "Some thoughts have a certain sound," from the David Lynch film Dune.
  • "Guardian Angel" contains a sample of Burt Lancaster from The Swimmer. "Is there anything you want, anything at all".
  • "Ice Cube" contains a sample of George Sanders as Mr. Freeze from the original Batman series saying "The ice cube crumbles."
  • "Silver" contains samples of the 'monkey chant' segment from the film Baraka.


  • Produced by Juno Reactor
  • Ben Watkins – producer
  • Mike Maguire – co-producer
  • Otto The Barbarian – engineering
  • Kevin Metcalfe – mastering
  • Nahoko Sasada – vocals
  • Simon Ghahary – artwork, design
  • Simon Watkins – artwork


  • Track "Guardian Angel" is the opening theme in the Texnolyze anime. It is also used in one of the final battles in the martial arts adventure movie Drive.

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