Beyond the Limits (film)

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Beyond the Limits
Beyond the Limits.jpg
Official DVD Cover
Directed by Olaf Ittenbach
Produced by Yazid Benfeghoul
Olaf Ittenbach
Frank Geiger
Written by Olaf Ittenbach
Thomas Reitmair
Starring Darren Shahlavi
Xenia Seeberg
Timo Rose
Music by Les Gilles
Cinematography Stefan Biebl
Edited by Eckard Zerzawy
IMAS Filmproduktion
brave new work Filmproduktions
Distributed by Laser Paradise
Release date
  • 23 March 2003 (2003-03-23)
Running time
100 minutes
Country Germany
Language English

Beyond the Limits is a 2003 horror-thriller film directed by Olaf Ittenbach and stars Xenia Seeberg, Darren Shahlavi and Timo Rose.[1]


A young reporter interviews a gravedigger, Vivian Frederick, who tells her about the recently deceased mobster Robert Downing and the attempt to steal an ancient relic with occult powers that ends in a bloodbath. The relic, itself, has been here since the Middle Ages and preserves a terrible secret.[2]


  • Darren Shahlavi as Dennis
  • Russell Friedenberg as Tom Brewster
  • Hank Stone as James Flynn
  • David Creedon as David Deming
  • Joe Cook as Paul Pattuchi
  • Christopher Kriesa as Frederick
  • Kimberly Liebe as Vivian
  • Natacza Boon as Annabelle Branagh
  • James Matthew-Pyecha as Jimmie Levinson
  • Simon Newby as Mortimer
  • Daryl Jackson as Robert Downing
  • Twin as Courtney
  • Saskia Lange as Marianne
  • Mehmet Yilmaz as Christopher
  • Matthias Rimpler as Brad
  • Jeff Motherhead as Howard
  • Marika Elena David as Denise
  • Melanie Sigl as Laura
  • Eric Sumner as Father
  • Karen Ponader as Woman
  • Jacek Gluszko as Soldier
  • Erich Amerkamp
  • Andreas Pape as Farmer
  • Thomas Reitmair as Rick
  • Timo Rose as Knight
  • Xenia Seeberg as Clarice
  • Matthias Hues as Big Blond Knight
  • Robert Seamans as Patrolman


Olaf Ittenbach won 2003 the Golden Glibb at Weekend of Fear in Nürnberg, Germany for his film.[3]


The film was released on 23 March 2003 as the Direct-to-video project.[4]


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