Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police

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Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police
JelloBiafra BeyondTheValleyOfTheGiftPolice.jpg
Studio album by Jello Biafra
Released September 9, 1994
Recorded April 15, 1994 - April 22, 1994
Genre Spoken word
Length 162:12
Label Alternative Tentacles
Producer Jello Biafra
Jello Biafra chronology
The Sky is Falling and I Want My Mommy
Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police
If Evolution Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]

Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police is the fourth spoken word album by Jello Biafra. The album included a cartoon tract insert by graphic novelist Daniel Clowes, Devil Doll?, which spoofed the Chick Publications tracts.The album cover is a reproduction of a painting by Sandow Birk.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

1."Message to Our Sponsor"7:36
3."Ban Everything"14:31
4."I Have a Dream"11:24
Total length:62:57

Disc two[edit]

5."Talk On Censorship: President McMuffin Tightens The Screws/What We Are Not Being Told"67:03
Total length:67:03

Disc three[edit]

6."Talk On Censorship: The Virtuecrats' Unreality/In The Belly Of The Wrong Beast"36:41
7."Eric Meets the Moose Diarrhea Salesman"17:32
Total length:54:13