Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Nord

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Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Nord
Map of Bavaria with the location of Upper Bavaria highlighted
Country  Germany
State  Bavaria
Founded 1963
Number of teams 16
Level on pyramid Level 7
Promotion to Landesliga
Relegation to
  • Kreisliga Donau/Isar 1
  • Kreisliga Donau/Isar 2
  • Kreisliga München 1
Current champions Eintracht Karlsfeld

The Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Nord (English: District league Upper Bavaria-North) is currently the seventh tier of the German football league system in the northern part of the Bavarian Regierungsbezirk of Upper Bavaria (German: Oberbayern). Until the disbanding of the Bezirksoberliga Oberbayern in 2012 it was the eighth tier. From 2008, when the 3. Liga was introduced, was the seventh tier of the league system, until the introduction of the Regionalligas in 1994 the sixth tier. From the leagues interception in 1963 to the introduction of the Bezirksoberliga in 1988 it was the fifth tier.



Before the Bezirksoberligas in Bavaria were introduced in 1988 the Bezirksligas were the leagues set right below the Landesligas Bayern in the football pyramid from 1963 onwards, when the Landesligas were established. Until the establishment of the Bezirksoberliga, the league champions were not automatically promoted but instead had to play-off for promotion as there was five Bezirksligas feeding the Landesliga but initially only three, later four promotion spots. The clubs from Oberbayern-Nord were generally quite successful in the promotion round, only missing out seven times in 25 seasons.[1][2]

In 1988, when the Bezirksoberligas were introduced, the league lost some of its status as it was relegated one tier. On a positive note, the league champions were now always promoted and the league runners-up had the opportunity to play-off for promotion as well.[1]

When the Bezirksoberliga was established, five clubs from the league gained entry to the new league:

  • SpVgg Feldmoching
  • VfR Neuburg
  • FC Schrobenhausen
  • ASV Dachau

With the league reform at the end of the 2011–12 season, which included an expansion of the number of Landesligas from three to five, the Bezirksoberligas were disbanded. Instead, the Bezirksligas took the place of the Bezirksoberligas once more below the Landesligas.[3]

The following qualifying modus applied at the end of the 2011-12 season:[4][5]

  • Champions: Promotion round to the Landesliga, winners to the Landesliga, losers to the Bezirksliga.
  • Teams placed 2nd to 12th: Remain in the Bezirksliga.
  • Teams placed 13th to 16th: Directly relegated to Kreisliga.


The winner of the Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Nord, like the winner of the Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Ost and Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Süd was, until 2011, directly promoted to the Bezirksoberliga Oberbayern. The runners-up of the Bezirksligas in Upper Bavaria would take part in a promotion round with the best-placed Bezirksoberliga team which did finish on a relegation rank to determine one or more additional promotion spots, depending on availability. From the 2012-13 season onwards, the league champion will be promoted to one of the five Landesligas. Given that the new Landesligas, unlike the old ones, are not geographically fixed the champion could end up in either the Landesliga Bayern-Mitte, the Landesliga Bayern-Südwest or the Landesliga Bayern-Südost.[6]

The bottom three teams of each group are relegated to one of the Kreisligas. At the same time the Kreisliga champions were promoted to the Bezirksliga. The runners-up of the Kreisligas faced a play-off with each other and the 13th placed teams in the Bezirksliga.

The Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Nord is fed by the following Kreisligas:

  • Kreisliga Donau/Isar 1
  • Kreisliga Donau/Isar 2
  • Kreisliga München 1

The league has generally operated with a strength of 16 clubs since 1982 and rarely deviated from this. The only exception was in 1988-89, when it played with 14. Before 1982, the league strength constantly fluctuated between 15 and 16 clubs.[1]

League timeline[edit]

The league went through the following timeline of positions in the league system:

Years Name Tier Promotion to
1963–88 Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Nord V Landesliga Bayern-Süd
1988–94 Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Nord VI Bezirksoberliga Oberbayern
1994–2008 Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Nord VII Bezirksoberliga Oberbayern
2008–12 Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Nord VIII Bezirksoberliga Oberbayern
2012– Bezirksliga Oberbayern-Nord VII Landesliga Bayern

League champions[edit]

The winners and runners–up of the league:[1][7]


The league champions and runners–up while being a feeder league to the Landesliga once more:

Season Champions Runners–up
2012–13 VfB Hallbergmoos-Goldach SV Türkgücü-Ataspor München
2013–14 ASV Dachau TSV Jetzendorf
2014–15 SV Manching TSV Jetzendorf
2015–16 Eintracht Karlsfeld FC Erding
  • Promoted teams in bold.
  • + Teams finished on equal points, decider needed to determine final position.

Multiple winners[edit]

The following clubs have won the league more than once:

Club Wins Years
TSV Eching 4 1980, 1981, 1988, 2008
SpVgg Feldmoching 4 1974, 1983, 1996, 2003
Eintracht Karlsfeld 3 1989, 2007, 2016
ASV Dachau 3 1975, 1998, 2014
VfR Neuburg 3 1971, 1985, 2001
TSV Allach 09 2 1986, 1987
TSV Kösching 2 1967, 1977

Current clubs[edit]

The clubs in the league in the 2016–17 season and their 2015–16 final placings:[8]

Club Position
FC Gerolfing Relegated from the Landesliga
SV Manching Relegated from the Landesliga
FC Erding 2nd
FC Schwabing München 3rd
TSV Jetzendorf 4th
FC Moosinning 5th
SV Nord Lerchenau 6th
SV Sulzemoos 7th
SpVgg Kammerberg 8th
SpVgg Feldmoching 9th
SV Lohhof 10th
TSV Rohrbach 12th
SV Gündin Promoted from the Kreisliga
FC Moosburg Promoted from the Kreisliga
FC Sandersdorf Promoted from the Kreisliga
ST Scheyern Promoted from the Kreisliga


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