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Bhamati is a subschool of Advaita Vedanta. Its name is derived from Vachaspati Misra's commentary on Adi Shankara's Brahmasutra Bhashya.[1][2]

Origins of the name "Bhamati"[edit]

According to Mithila folklore, Bhāmatī was the wife of Vachaspati Mishra. While Vachaspati Mishra was writing his commentary, his wife Bhāmatī served him without any expectations for years. He was so busy that he had forgotten that he had a wife. After completing his work when he finished writing, he asked Bhamti, "Who are you?" She replied, "I am your wife". Vachaspati Mishra was so awed by Bhamati's devotion and undying love for him that he named his commentary after her.[2]


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