Bhadar River

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Country India
State Gujarat
 - location Arabian Sea, India
Length 200 km (124 mi)
Bhadar River (Near navi bandar, Porbandar)

Bhadar River is a river in the Saurashtra peninsula, in the Western Indian state of Gujarat. It flows south from its origin through Jasdan, then turns south-west and generally west until it empties into the Arabian Sea near Porbandar.[1] The total catchment area of the basin is 7,094 square kilometres (2,739 sq mi).[2]

It is impounded by two reservoirs, Bhadar-I reservoir with a capacity of 238,000,000 cubic metres (193,000 acre·ft), and downstream from that, Bhadar-II reservoir with a capacity of 49,000,000 cubic metres (40,000 acre·ft).[2]


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