Bhadbhada Dam

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Bhadbhada dam
Official name Bhadbhada dam
Location Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Coordinates 23°12′30″N 77°22′44″E / 23.20833°N 77.37889°E / 23.20833; 77.37889Coordinates: 23°12′30″N 77°22′44″E / 23.20833°N 77.37889°E / 23.20833; 77.37889
Opening date 1965
Creates Upper Lake (Bhopal)
Total capacity 117.05×10^6 m3 (4.134×10^9 cu ft)

The Bhadbhada dam (Hindi: भदभदा बांध) is a set of 11 sluice gates at the south-east corner of Upper lake in Bhopal. It was constructed in 1965.[1] The gates are used to control the outflow of water from the lake to Kaliasote river,[2] and are usually opened only when the city receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season. It has a full tank level of 1666.80 feet.[3]


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