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Bhaderwah بھدرواہ
City / Tehsil
Bhaderwah بھدرواہ is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Bhaderwah بھدرواہ
Bhaderwah بھدرواہ
Location in Jammu and Kashmir, India
Bhaderwah بھدرواہ is located in India
Bhaderwah بھدرواہ
Bhaderwah بھدرواہ
Bhaderwah بھدرواہ (India)
Coordinates: 33°08′N 75°34′E / 33.13°N 75.57°E / 33.13; 75.57Coordinates: 33°08′N 75°34′E / 33.13°N 75.57°E / 33.13; 75.57
Country India
State Jammu and Kashmir
1,613 m (5,292 ft)
 • Total11,084
 • OfficialUrdu
 • Other Spoken languagesKashmiri, Bhaderwahi
Time zoneIST
Vehicle registrationJK-06

Bhaderwah (or Bhadarwah) is a town and tehsil in the Doda district of Jammu Division in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, India. It has now been given the status of sub-district. The town is governed by a Notified Area Council (city council). The Bhaderwah valley is located in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, 80 km (50 mi) from Batote. The town is known for its natural and environmental beauty and is popularly called as "Mini Kashmir".[1]


In 1841 AD Bhaderwah became part of J&K state. When Maharaja Partap Singh was crowned as king of Jammu and Kashmir, he gifted Bhaderwah to his younger brother Raja Amar Singh as "Jagir"

Bhaderwah constituency contains various places and villages like Ghuraka, of Tehsil Bhalla of Doda district and all other villages of tehsil Bhaderwah.

Places of tourist interest[edit]

Jai Valley (The Eco-Health Resort)[edit]

Jai the Everlasting Green Valley lies on the North East of Bhaderwah town about 32 km away connected to the town by the Bhaderwah-Jai Link Road. The Valley runs in kilometers bisected by the rivulet called Jai Nallah. The stay facility for the tourists is available as "HOLIDAY VILLAGE" built by way of tented accommodation and Igloo Huts. The facility for the adventure lovers and trekkers is also available in the shape of a Youth Hostel which accommodates around 150 guests.

Lake View Resorts[edit]

Gatha Lake View Resorts Situated in the lap of Bhaderwah, the Lake View Resort developed in short span of two years with the hard efforts of Bhaderwah Development Authority. Located just 1 km away from heart of the city, it provides the best view of Mighty Kailash peaks and Asha pati glacier. Adjacent to it is bid trout farm and sale counter of department of Fisheries. The cultured trout and the wild snow trout of river Neeru are the highly relished delicacies of Bhaderwah.

Khellani resorts[edit]

Khelleni another tourist attraction is located about 15 km northwards of Bhaderwah Town. Situated on the hill top, the place offers views of the Kellar valley - with its terraced agricultural patterns. An age-old historical temple is another tourist attraction. Besides, an herbal garden and a children park, the BDA has raised eight Igloo huts. Another attraction of the place is the tree hut fabricated atop deodar trees.

Bhaderwah Fort[edit]

It is a place of pride for the erstwhile kings of Chamba and Bhaderwah. The fort, which also housed several freedom fighters, including Pandit Kashyap Bandu, Sant Singh Teg and later former chief minister Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. It was built in 1733 and converted into jail in 1919. Latest LED-based Light and Sound System is being installed in the Fort which will be one of its kind in India.

Tourist reception centre[edit]

Situated at the foot of the Bhaderwah valley, Ameera Nagar TRC is about 6 km away from the main town on Doda-Bhaderwah road. Designed at the pattern of Nishat Garden, Srinagar, this spot has a specific location amongst terraced fields and is overlooked by dense Deodar forests from all sides.[citation needed] From this very place whole view of Bhaderwah valley is experienced and the visitors are taken aback by the blooming flowers. Moreover, TRC Bhaderwah is equipped with internet connectivity through Wi-Fi System

Padri lies on upcoming Bhaderwah-Chamba National Highway at a distance of 41 km from Bhaderwah. The landscape runs in kilometers and is ideal for adventure sports like Snow-skiing in winters and Paragliding in summers. One feels extremely delighted reaching there. It is also highest Pass on Bhadarwah - Chamba National Highway (The inter-state link).

Gurdanda – Sounbain glacier (soun refers to Gold & Bain means stepwell in bhaderwahi dialect)[edit]

One of the mighty ridges falls on Bhaderwah-Bani-Basohli Road. Towards its left lies the mighty Sounbain Glacier which gives birth to Neeru River where one can feel and play with the snow just having a walk of five-ten minutes even in the peak summers. It is a never-ending glacier where even a little rainfall turns into snowfall in the peak summers.However in ongoing years,the glacier is showing the evident forms of ecological succession turning the glacier base grassy green in summers when the snow melts. At Guldanda, the summer camps are being organised in tented accommodation, having a glimpse of the ridge and glacier.


Sarthal is one of the mesmerizing valleys enroute Bhaderwah-Bani-Basohli Road which has now become a tourist circuit wherein the tourists divert from Lakhanpur to Bhaderwah via Basohli Road after having break journey at Sarthal Valley. The route via Sarthal used to be the ancient traditional route for Bhadarwah, Bani, Basohli areas as a vital connecting link, passing through Chatergalla Pass, the Highest pass in the area. The valley is endowed with unique biodiversity. The ridge is the haven for Himalayan wild goat called as tahr, besides, bear, leopard, musk deer, monal and western tragopon and variety of birds and reptiles found in the area.


Like Gulmarg and Pahalgam, Seoj is also one of the mighty meadows with mesmerizing natural landscape which glorifies Bhadarwah as a diamond in its crown. It has all variety of natural attraction in its lap. Here the long stretches of green grasslands stretch into miles and the cool, dancing air touches one’s soul, where one feels really in the Heavens and feels a longing for everlasting pleasure. The total distance of Seoj from Bhadarwah is 10 km and the journey is taken on horseback. It takes about five hours to reach the place. The region is a treasure trove of a variety of biodiversity elements, ranging from unique rare and endangered flora and fauna. Species like Aconitum, podophyllum, Jurinea are commonly occurring. Amongst the fauna, bear, leopard, musk deer are commonly spotted during winters.

Chinta Valley[edit]

Chinta is a valley and summer destination. This valley is also visited by tourists in winters when its ski-slopes attract skiers. Chinta Valley is located 25 km from Bhadarwah. One can drive up to Chinta Valley and enjoy the scenic view along the way. The valley is known as Green Bowl surrounded by Black Forests. This part of Bhaderwah is highly militarised with several army camps stationed in the area to serve the purpose of national security.

Padri Pass[edit]

Situated nearly 30 kms from the main town of Bhaderwah lies the beautiful padri pass on the Bhaderwah Himachal route.This area lies at a higher altitude and enjoys a dense green cover with essence of nature encased. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the area.


As of 2011 Census Of India,the town of Bhaderwah had a population of 75,376.Out of which Males constitute 52% of population and Females constitute 48% of population.Literacy rate of Bhaderwah was 86.60% higher than the Indian National average of 74.04%. In Bhaderwah, Male literacy was around 93.14% while female literacy rate was 79.78%.

The Bhaderwah city is divided into 13 wards for which elections are held every 5 years. The Bhaderwah town has total households of 13,994, of which 85% is in rural area and 15% is in urban area.[2]


Bhaderwah Town - Hindu - 24.71%, Muslim - 74.99%, Christian - 0.13%, Sikh - 0.11% No Religion Specified - 0.02%[3]


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