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भद्रवाही بھدرواہی
Native toJammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh
RegionBhaderwah, District Doda Bhalessa,
Native speakers
(160,000 cited 1991 census – 2002)[1]
  • Bhalessi (Bhaali)
  • Padari
  • Charahi
  • Bhadrawahi
  • Khashali
Devnagari, Arabic script
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
bhd – Bhadrawahi
cdj – Churahi

Bhaderwahi[3] (or Bhadarwahi) is a native language of the people of Bhaderwah, a tehsil in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Bhaderwahi is a Western Pahari language spoken by about 50,000 people in Bhaderwah town and surrounding villages (Bhadrawahi/Bhadarwahi, Bhalesi, Padari/Padri, and Khashali/Khasali dialects), and by about 110,000 people in Chaurah and Saluni tehsils in Himachal Pradesh (Churahi/Chaurahi and Padari dialects). It has many alternate names like Baderwali, Bhadri, Badrohi, Bhadlai Bhaderwah is about 230 kilometers from (Jammu) Summer Capital of J&k state.


The Bhaderwah group includes three dialects, viz. Bhaderwahi, Bhalessi and Padari, which form a dialect chain with Churahi.

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