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Bhagawan Koirala
Bhagawan Koirala during an Interview, 2012.jpg
Dr. Bhagawan Koirala during an interview (Dec. 2012)
Born (1960-07-24)July 24, 1960[1]
Palpa, Nepal[1]
Education Dhaka University
Kharkiv National Medical University
Known for pioneering open heart surgery in Nepal.
Medical career
Profession Surgeon, Professor[1]
Institutions Tribhuvan University (T.U.)
Nepal Medical College
T.U. Teaching Hospital[2]
Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center (MCVTC)[3]
Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center[4]
Norvic International Hospital[5]
Civil Service Hospital of Nepal[6]
Organ Transplantation Center Development Committee
Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP),[1] Cardiac Society of Nepal[7]
Specialism cardiothoracic surgery[1]
Research open-heart surgery[1]
Notable prizes Suprabal Gorkha Dakshinbahu IV
Birendra-Aisworya Medal for Outstanding Service
Excellence Achiever's Award

Bhagawan Koirala (Nepali: भगवान कोइराला) MD, FACC (July 24, 1960) is a Cardiothoracic surgeon, professor and Social worker.[1] He is best known for pioneering Open-heart surgery in Nepal, and for starting an operational cardiac care for the public.[8]

He started a "Poor Patients Relief" program in 2003, with the support of the Government of Nepal, which focuses on providing free Cardiac care for children, elderly and needy.[9]

Education and background[edit]

Koirala completed his schooling from his hometown of Palpa, where he earned his SLC at the age of 13. He later earned his Certificate in General Medicine from Kathmandu. His interest in a career in medicine took him to Kharkiv, Ukraine, where he graduated from Kharkiv Medical Institute in 1989. He later explained in an interview that he credits his lecturer for encouraging him to earn a career in medicine, particularly in the area of Cardiac surgery.

He post-graduated from National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Dhaka University, in 1994, and later completed an unaccredited United States Medical Licensing Examination (Step I) in 1996 and (Step II and III) in 2000.[1][9][10]

Residency and trainings[edit]

He started his residency from a government institution of Nepal, T.U. Casualty and Surgery, in 1989, and was promoted to Senior house officer in T.U. Department of Surgery in 1990. It was followed by the fellowships in the internationally recognized institutions; first as a resident (Cardiothoracic) in Dhaka University in 1991, and later as a resident (surgery) in Baystate Medical Center of Massachusetts in 1998 and 1999.

He also completed his tenure as a Clinical Fellow (Cardiac surgery) in The Hospital for Sick Children of Toronto in 2000.[11]


Koirala, specializing in pediatric cardiac surgery, started his career from TU Teaching Hospital. He was the Executive Director and Chief of Cardiac Surgery of Shahid Gangalal National Heart Center between 2001 and 2009. He is currently the Executive Director of TU Teaching Hospital.[1][4][12] also known for being a philanthropic organization. He is also involved with different national and international projects and campaigns to ensure funds and charity for needy patients.[8][13]

He has performed over 10,000 heart operations, personally or directly supervised, from 2001 to 2012. (need verification, 1000 surgeries / year which is 3 per every single day of 10 years) Being one of the senior-most surgeon and capable administrator, he was appointed the Director of T.U. Teaching Hospital (TUTH), where he first started his career, in November 2012.[2]


Koirala is the member of numerous medical and scientific organizations:-

  • Nepal Medical Association
  • Society of Surgeons in Nepal[14]
  • Nepal Heart Foundataion[15]
  • Manmohan Cardiothoracic Vascular and Transplant Center[3]
  • Cardiac Society of Nepal[7]
  • Jayanti Memorial Trust[16][17]
  • Bangladesh Cardiac Society[18]
  • America Nepal Medical Foundation[19]
  • Heart Club Nepal[20]
  • Heart to Heart Nepal
  • Indian Association of Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeons[21]
  • American College of Cardiology (FACC)[22]

Contributions to medicine[edit]

Pioneering Open heart surgery in Nepal[edit]

Koirala first performed open-heart surgery in 1997. His initiative gave a hope for treating heart diseases inside the country by establishing the first fully operational heart hospital, and also to ensure free service for the needy.

His social initiative came at the time when Nepal completely lacked resources to treat heart patients, and the rate of heart related diseases were increasing in the region. According to a National Report on NCDs and CVDs compiled by NHRC in 2010;

Distribution of NCDs in terms of socio demographic variables (age, sex, ethnic groups, and geographic area) was calculated. Data shows that out of the total admitted patients, 36.5% patients suffered from NCDs.Out of total NCDs, 38% were having heart diseases followed by COPD (33%), where as diabetes and cancer accounted for 10% and 19% cases respectively.[23]

MCVTC, headed by Koirala, is famously known for providing medicines at lower prices than the suggested retail price.[24] He also represents the team of Cardiovascular Surgery for Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology's Scientific Council (May 2011 to Feb 2013).[3][18]

Humanitarian Projects[edit]

He is involved with a charity venture for child heart patients in Nepal, called "Bal Dhadkan".[20] On the venture, he quotes;

"No child of this country shall die of heart disease because of poverty.”

Bhagawan Koirala is also a board member of the NGO Helping Hand for Nepal[25]


Koirala has been felicitated and recognized by various institutions over the years.

  • Mrigendra-Samjhana Medical Trust Honor, 2012[15][26]
  • Suprabal Jana Sewasree III, Government of Nepal, 2012
  • Excellence Achiever's Award, Youth Asia, 2012[27]
  • Manager of the year, Management Association of Nepal, 2008[28]
  • Hem Bahadur Malla Honor" for outstanding hospital services, Public Administration Association of Nepal, 2006[29]
  • Science and Technology Talent Award Grade "A", RONAST, 2005[30]
  • Dharma Pahari Medical Services award, NMA, 2003
  • Suprabal Gorkha Dakshinbahu IV, 2001
  • Birendra-Aisworya Medal for Outstanding Service, 2001
  • Best Paper Award, IV International Surgical conference of Surgeons in Nepal, 1998
  • Best Doctor Award, T.U. Teaching Hospital in 1996
  • Honors for Academic Performance in MD

Personal life[edit]

Koirala was born in Palpa, Nepal. He is married to Sandra Koirala, a zoology professor, with whom he has a son, Nirabh Koirala, currently a student at Grinnell College in Iowa.[9]

Publications and literature[edit]

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