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Bhagchandra (Bhaskar) Jain (born 1939) is an Indian scholar, renowned for his knowledge of Jainism and Buddhism, and of classical Indian languages including Pali and Sanskrit. His career has spanned more than four decades. He is the recipient of the 2004 "Presidential Award" for contribution to Pali and Prakrit (Buddhism and Jainism).

Bhagchandra received his PhD from Vidyodaya (University of Ceylon) in 1966. His dissertation was later published as Jainism in Buddhist Literature[1] in 1972, which has since emerged as a major reference on the topic.

He was Head of Department of Pali and Prakrit at Nagpur University[2] from 1965 to 1996, and he served as the director of Parshvanath Vidyapith at Varanasi from 1999 to 2001. He currently working at JRRS University, Jaipur as Professor & Head of Jain Philosophy.

Bhagchandra's scholarly contributions include more than 60 books and 300 research papers, and he has been a visiting Professor to universities in the United States, Canada and Europe. He is a recipient of three Doctor of Literature (D.Litt.) degrees viz. D.Litt (Sanskrit), D.Litt (Pali – Prakrit) and D.Litt (Hindi). In addition, he is a holder of Ph..D, M.A. (Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology), M.A. (Pali), and M.A. (Sanskrit, Shastracharya (Prakrit and Jain Darshan), Acharya (Sanskrit Sahitya)). Bhagchandra has received several awards and honors, including the Presidential Certificate of Honour in Pali/Prakrit in 2004.[3]

Bhagchandra served as an editor of several periodicals including Jain Milan, Ratnatraya, Suddharma, Shramana, Nagpur University Journal, and Prachin Tirth Jirnoddhar; and has represented Jainism, Buddhism and Indology at World Religious Conferences (including Harvard University) and chaired the sessions in the U.S., U.K., Canada and European countries.

He is married to Dr. Pushpalata Jain, former Head of the Department of Hindi at St. Francis de Sales College, Nagpur.


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