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Bhai Mati Das was a Sikh martyr and disciple of Tegh Bahadur, who was executed by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.[1] Bhai Mati Das was from a Brahman family of village Kariala in Jehlam district, about 10 kilometres from Chakwal on the road to Katas Raj. Mati Das was the son of Hira Nand who was a great warrior, and grandson of Bhai Praga who was a martyr and leader of a jatha.[2]


According to various oral accounts, Mati Das was executed on the order of Mughal emparor Aurangzeb. Traditional Sikh sources state that he was executed because he refused to convert to Islam.[3]

There are no wrriten account of his execution. Mughal empire records from 17th century explain his death as punishment for challenging the authority.[1]

Bhai Mati Das' legacy[edit]

He is regarded as a great martyr by the Sikh Nation.[4] The date of his martyrdom, is celebrated in certain parts of South Asia as a public holiday.[37][38][39]

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