Bhairavi (Hindustani)

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Thaat Bhairavi
Type Sampurna
Time of day Morning; Conclusion of a concert
Arohana Sa re ga Ma Pa dha ni Sa'
Avarohana Sa' ni dha Pa Ma ga re Sa
Pakad 'n S g M d P g M g r S
Vadi M
Samavadi S
Equivalent Phrygian mode

Bhairavi (Hindi: भैरवी) (Urdu: بَھیرَوی ‎) (Sindhi: راڳ ڀيروي) is a Hindustani Classical heptatonic (Sampurna) raga of Bhairavi thaat. In Western musical terms, raga Bhairavi employs the notes of the Phrygian mode, one of the traditional European church modes. The woman on the right symbolises Subhadra, and the woman on the left symbolises Lakshmi.


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