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Bhamba a Khatri and Rajput clan in Pakistan and India. The Bhamaba are Sikhs and Hindus in India and Muslim in Pakistan.[1] Sikh and Hindu Bhambas migrated to India in 1947 after independence. After the arrival of Islam in the Punjab region many Bhambas were converted to Islam and adopted the title Shaikh. Some of them in the North and North-West Pakistan also call themselves as 'Raja', 'Khan' and 'Sultan'.

Hindu and Sikh Bhambas also trace their ancestral hometown specially to the areas of Bhamba Kalan in Kasur District of Pakistan Punjab, Pakistan. Bhamba town has population of Qanungoh Shaikh.

Bhamba (Sandhu) dynasty village Qila Dharam Singh bhamba( Bambe Da Qila, Pakistan ) thana maangtawala, tehsil chunian, almost 25 km from Nankana Sahib

S. Nand Singh bhamba f/o S.Dharam Singh bhamba f/o S. Tehal Singh bhamba f/o S.Fathe Singh bhamba f/o S.Bolaka Singh bhamba( he was the attorney magistrate of 55 villages at his time in British India, ant travels to England his two brothers named as S . Bud Singh and Jawala Singh bhamba) F/o S . Ranjodh Singh bhamba F/o S.Harnam Singh bhamba(migrated to India in 1947and seteled at Karnal district in har in India) f/o S.Mangal Singh Bhamba and S.Arud Singh bhamba. S.Mangal Singh Bhamba f/o S. Sukhdarshan Singh Bhamba and S. Amarjit Singh Bhamba(Resident at Pakhana village near Karnal dist). S. Arud Singh Bhamba.f/o S.Bhagwant Singh bhamba(a leading political leader in Haryana state at India in Sikh community he never get fail in any election in his life he also rewarded as a Punjabi ratan for becoming the first Punjabi chairman in block simiti nissing, he enjoyed the post of chairman many times till now) f/o S. Parminder Singh bhamba

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  1. ^ In Pakistani-held Kashmir they are generally referred to as Bomba (Kashmiri tribe)