Bhangra (film)

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Directed by Jugal Kishore
Produced by Mulk Raj Bhakhri
Music by Hansraj Behl
Cinematography Raj Kumar Bhakhri
Release date
  • 1959 (1959)
Running time
120 minutes
Country India
Language Punjabi

Bhangra (Punjabi: ਭੰਗੜਾ) is a 1959 Punjabi romance, comedy and drama film directed by Jugal Kishore,[1][2] starring Sunder, Nishi and Manju in lead roles.[2]


Bhangra is a drama with nice comedy and romance. Sunder, the son of the moneylender Kaude Shah, goes to a poor farmer, Bulaki, in the village of Rangpur to get money-with-interest back from him, but falls in love with his daughter Banto. A suspended Munshi (English: Cashier/Assistant of a money-lender) of Kaude Shah, Mehnga Mall, also tries to get Banto; he steals Kaude Shah's jewellery and reaches Rangpur. He gives the jewellery to Sunder for staying away from him and Banto. Sunder gives the jewellery to Bulaki to pay back his debt and so did the unconscious Bulaki. The truth comes out and Bulaki is charged for stealing jewellery. He explains that the jewellery was given to him by Sunder and so Sunder is arrested. Finally, Mehnga Mall confesses and Bulaki and Sunder go free. After a little protest Sunder's father, Kaude Shah, agrees to Sunder and Banto's marriage.


Noted music director Hansraj Behl composed the music[3] and Varma Malik wrote the lyrics for the film. Mohammad Rafi and Shamshad Begum are the lead playback singers. The music was a hit.

Track list[edit]

  • Rabb Na Kare
  • Batti Bal Ke
  • Chitte Dand Hasno Nahio Rehnde
  • Jatt Kurhian Ton Darda Maara (Bolian)
  • Ambiaan De Booteaan Te
  • Been Na Wajaeen Mundia
  • Mull Wikda Sajjan Mil Jaave

Cast and crew[edit]

Actor/Actress Role
Sunder Sunder
Nishi Banto


  • Jugal Kishore ..Director
  • Mulk Raj Bhakri ..Producer
  • Hansraj Behl ..Music director
  • Varma Malik ..Lyricist
  • Mohammad Rafi ..Playback
  • Shamshad Begum ..Playback
  • Raj Kumar Bhakri ..Cinematographer
  • Purushottam V. Naik ..Art director


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