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Languages Gujarati, Kutchhi, Hindi, Sindhi
Populated states Gujarat, Maharashtra

Bhanushali (Gujarati : / Bhānshali / Bhansali)[1] is a Hindu largely agrarian community of [KSHATRIYA] varna. The majority of them reside in Gujarat and some parts of Maharashtra in India.


The Bhanushali farmers claim descent from Chaulukyas, and often have Rajput surnames. Jyotindra Jain theorized that the Bhanushalis migrated to Gujarat from Sindh, based on their worship of Hinglaj Mata. He also believed that the Lohanas and Bhansalis shared a common home in Sindh before their migration to Gujarat.[1][2]

Bhanushalis are at present divided in to two sub groups, according to their region of living, that is :- Cutchhi Bhanushali Community[3] ( those living or having ancestry in Kutch region ) and Halai Bhanushali Community those living or having ancestry in Halar (Jamnagar) region.[4]

Bhanushalis are mainly involved in agriculture and farming.[1]

Bhanushalis worship different kuldevis as per their clan names / surnames.[5] and follow Hindu customs and beliefs and worship God like Shiva, Durga and Vishnu.[6] Further, they also worship Veer Dada Jashraj and claim, like Lohanas, that he belonged to their community.[7]They are largely Vaishnava community.[1] and are considered as a trading or vaishya community in Gujarat. Bhanushalis chiefly worship Hinglaj, whose main temple is in Baluchistan, Sind, their ancestral home.[1]

Relationship with Lohanas[edit]

Incidentally, Bhanushalis also shared their early home in Sind with Lohanas and seem to share common history.[1] Like Lohanas, Bhanushalis are largely involved in trading and have gained name as businessman and identified as Vaishya community although have its origins as Kshatriya clan. They like Lohanas worship Dada Jashraj as their kuladevata. Also, they worship, Harkor, as kuldevi, like Lohana. Many of the surnames of Bhanushalis, coincidentally, are also found among Lohana community and as they and Lohanas share common history or lineage. Like Lohanas, Bhanushalis are largely involved in trading and have gained name as businessman and identified as Vaishya community although have its origins as Kshatriya clan.[1]


Bhanushalis often use their community name also as their surname and as such you can find many people using Bhanushali and Bhanshali surname. However, other surnames among this community are Sethia, Amal, Kataria, Hemani, Damani, etc. etc.[8]It is said that Bhanushali's had 96 surnames. Few others are Nanda, Gori, Bhadra, Hurabada, Joisher, Khaniya, Mithiya, Gajra, Mange, Fuliya, Visariya, Nakhva, Chandra, Dhabha, Chunada, Mengar, Khichda, Vador, Maajania, Mav, Motani, Ratda, Dama, Gajra, Dama. Mange and Kataria are said to be most largely used surnames.

Jain Surname[edit]

Again, it seems that many Bhanushalis, changed to Jainism during course of history and therefore Bhanushali surname can be found among Jain people of Gujarat.

Notable Persons[edit]


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