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Bhargava, also spelled Bhargav, is a community in India who believe themselves to be descended from the sage Bhrigu. Its members originate from the Dhosi Hill area and were also known as Dhusars.


The Bhargava believes themselves to be descended from the sage Bhrigu and his son Chyavana.[1]

Present status[edit]

The Bhargava have well-established community associations, the Bhargava Sabhas, that operate in various cities[2] under an umbrella organisation, the All-India Bhargava Sabha (AIBS) located at Gurgaon, Haryana. There are around 37 of these Bhargava Sabhas.[3]

AIBS has also held international conferences. These took place in Canada (2008), USA (2009) and Dubai (2012).[citation needed]

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