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Bhargava, also known as Brighu Jayate Eti Bhargava. Bhargava and Bhargava Padmashali is a community in India who are the descendants of the sage Bhrigu[1].

Bhargava is also first name mainly from brahmin communities of South India.


Bhargava is a common surname in Northern India. Bhargavas owe their lineage to Bhrugu Rishi, and his son's are Dhata, Vidata and Laxmi devi (Bhargavi), Dhata son is Pranunda, Vidhata Son is Mrukandu his son Markandeya, his son is Bavanarayana, and his 101 sons lineage has Bhargava Padmashali Community.

Pulooma Son Chavan Rishi, who is better known for creating Chyavanprash. According to Mythology, Bhargava or Parashurama as he is better known was a threat to the Kshatriya Kings who ruled in India during Treta Yuga and Dvapara Yuga. The arrival of this warrior class sage to India, was somewhere around the transition period of Treta Yuga and Dvapara Yuga. They have attacked and annihilated the existing Kshatriya rulers of India, as many as 21 times, probably spanning a time period of 1,000 years. The rulers of central India were the major victims of this massacre. The first victim of Parasurama was a ruler of central India, of Haiheya tribe, called Kartavirya Arjuna. Bhargava and Kshatriya were hostile to each other for this many years until they started living in harmony. Bhargavas are a community, who are descendants of Rishi Bhrigu (who contributed in Manu Samriti also) and Parshurama. As per lineage of Bhrigu, described by M.L. Bhargava in his book "Bhargava Jati Ka Itihas", Parshuram was in his 39th generation of Bhrigu and had existed during the period of Bhagwan Ram Chandra and period of Ramayana. Bhagwan Parshuram was known as this, because he was carrying a 'farsa' all the time and used it to kill enemies. Parshuram is also known as 'Bhargava Rama'. Bhargavas became a community after Bhrigu Maharsishi's period and both Bhargava Rama and Bhrigu existed at different times. [2]

Present status[edit]

The Bhargava & Bhargava Padmashali have well-established community associations, the Bhargava Sabhas, under an umbrella organisation, the All-India Bhargava Sabha (AIBS) located at Gurgaon, Haryana. There are around 37 of these Bhargava Sabhas.[1] All-India Bhargava Padmashali Mahsabha (AIBPM) located at Karnataka.

AIBS and AIBPM has also held international conferences. These took place in Canada (2008), USA (2009) and Dubai (2012) (2015) (2017) all over country.[citation needed]


The Sampangirama family is one of the many families that contains the decedents of Sage Bhrigu, also known as Bhargava. The Sampangirama family goes by many last names, the most notable being Sampangirama, Nagar, and Rao. The Sampangirama family follows the bloodline: Bhargava, Chyavana, Apnavana, Aurva, Jamadagni, Parashurama.

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