Bhargavi River

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Aerial view of Bhargavi river 03.JPG
Aerial view of Bhargavi river
Mahanadi-Koyakhai distributray system.jpg
An illustration of MahanadiKuakhai distributary system in Odisha, India, draining into the Bay of Bengal and Chilka Lake. Picture not drawn to scale
EtymologyBharga (Sun God)'s sacred yoga site[1]
Native nameDandabhanga Nadi
RegionEast India
Physical characteristics
 • locationNashik, Maharashtra, India
MouthRiver Kuakhai
 • location
Odisha, India
 • coordinates
17°0′N 81°48′E / 17.000°N 81.800°E / 17.000; 81.800Coordinates: 17°0′N 81°48′E / 17.000°N 81.800°E / 17.000; 81.800
 • elevation
0 m (0 ft)
Length1,465 km (910 mi)

Bhargavi River flows across Odisha, India. It forms the MahanadiKuakhai distributary system branching off from the Kuakhai River and draining into Chilka Lake.

A branch of the Kuakhai River meets the Bay of Bengal after breaking up into numerous distributaries in the last 4.0 kilometres (2.5 mi) of its course. There are four main branches all branching off from the left bank: Kanchi, the East Kania, the Naya Nadi and the South Kanchi (which drains into Sar Lake). By various channels the first three are interconnected and finally join the Suna Munhi River, which flows into Bali Harchandi and ultimately drains to the Bay of Bengal via the mouth of Chilika. The South Kania gets lost in the marshes on the western shore of Chilika.


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