Bhartendu Academy of Dramatic Arts

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This article is about the Indian institution. For other meanings of BNA, see BNA (disambiguation).
Bhartendu Natya Akademi
भारतेन्दु नाट्य आकादमी
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Established 1975
Type Public
Location Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India
Campus Urban
Affiliations Ministry of Culture (Government of Uttar Pradesh)

Bhartendu Natya Akademi (or Bhartendu Akademi of Dramatic Arts, भारतेन्दु नाट्य आकादमी, بھارتیندو نآٹیَہ اکادمی) is a theatre training institute in Lucknow, India. It is an autonomous organization[1][2] under the Ministry of Culture, Government of Uttar Pradesh.


Bhartendu Natya Academy came into existence as a drama institute on 2nd July 1975, by the sheer effort of the legendary theatre personality Padma Shri Raj Bisaria.

In 1975 its name was Bhartendu Natya Kendra and the class was running at the mini Rabindralay (near Lucknow Railway Station). At that time BNA did not have their own building; now it functions from the Bhartendu Bhawan in Gomti Nagar (Vikas Khand-1). Lucknow.

In 1981 the institute started providing a two-year full-time diploma course in theatre training. The institute today selects 20 candidates every year for its two-year intensive post-graduate diploma course with scholarships for the first 12 students. Raj Bisaria was the founder-director. Hindi writer Amritlal Nagar was the first nominated chairperson of the institute. Today Bhartendu Natya Academy has become the second of its kind in India after the National School of Drama, New Delhi. At the end of their course, the second-year students make a visit to the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune or Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata for the basic training for film and television. This is a kind of extension program done with the financial support of Film Bandhu (a body under the Cultural Department of the U.P. Government).

Performing spaces[edit]

The institute has three auditoriums within the campus:

  • B M Shah Auditorium
  • Thrust Theater Auditorium

Apart from that it has a studio theatre and minor performances spaces used on special occasions,During Workshop & Festival.

BNA Family[edit]


  • Amritlal Nagar
  • Kunwar Narayan
  • Dr. J.P. Singh
  • Ramesh Chandra Tripathi
  • Surendra Mohan
  • Alok Sinha
  • Dr. Ramesh Yadav
  • Smt. Rita Sharma
  • Sushri Nita Chaudhary
  • Smt Rita Sinha (IAS)
  • Shri Netaram
  • Shailesh Krishna
  • Anupam Kher
  • Pradip Shukla
  • Shailesh Krishna
  • Rahul Bhatnagar
  • Smt.Rita Sinha (IAS)
  • Smt.Nadira Babbar
  • Yashwant Nikoshe (6 May 2008 – 2011)
  • Raj Kishore Mishra(2 April 2013 – Present)


  • Raj Bisaria (23 September 1975 – 10 September 1986)
  • Dr.Sachidanand Pathak
  • Punit Asthana
  • Atul Bagaee
  • Raj Bisaria (30 January 1989 – 28 August 1982)
  • Alok Sinha
  • Ramesh Yadav
  • Ravindra Kumar Sharma
  • Kumari Nita Chaudhary
  • Smt. Rita Sinha
  • Raj Bisaria (05.07.1994–30.08.1994)
  • Smt. Rita Sinha
  • Raj Bisaria (28.05.1995–05.07.1995)
  • Vinod Shankar Chouby
  • Smt. Rita Sinha,IAS
  • Shri Netaram
  • Shailesh Krishna
  • Dr. Anup Chandra Pandey
  • K.K. Upadhayay
  • Shailesh Krishna
  • Late B.M. Shah
  • Shailesh Krishna
  • Smt. Sneha Agrawal
  • Sudhir Sharma
  • Shailesh Krishna
  • Sushil Kumar Singh (10.06.1999–09.06.2004)
  • Abhishek Singh, IAS (10.06.2004–19.06.2005)
  • Smt. Indu Sinha (22.06.2004–26.12.2006)
  • Surya Mohan Kulshreshtha (27.12.2006– 26.12.2009)
  • Shri Avnish Awashti, IAS (27.12.2009–12.07.2011)
  • Stuti kakkar, IAS (13.07.2011– 28.07.2011)
  • Jugal Kishore (29.07.2011 – 31.01.2012)
  • Arun Trivedi(01.02.2012 - 06.02.2014)
  • Prabhakar Johri(06.02.2014–Present)

Faculty members[edit]

  • Surya Mohan Kulshreshta, Direction
  • Jugal Kishor, Acting & Repertory Chief
  • Arun Trivedi, Stage Craft, Make-up and Light Design
  • Chitra Mohan, Indian and Classical Drama
  • Lalit Singh Pokharia, Costume Design
  • Late Shree Ravi nagar, music(theatre)
  • Manoj kumar Mishra

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Notable graduates[edit]

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