Bhartiya Gau Raksha Dal

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Bhartiya Dal
भारतीय गौ रक्षा दल
MottoVande Gau Mataram
वन्दे गौ मातरम
Formation24 August 2012 (6 years ago) (2012-08-24)
FounderPawan Pandit
TypeRight-wing Hindu nationalist organisation
PurposeSupporting Hindu nationalism , cattle protection Movement
HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
Region served
Official language
Pawan Pandit[1]

The Bhartiya Gau Raksha Dal (Hindi: भारतीय गौ रक्षा दल, lit. 'Indian cow protection Organization' AKA: BGRD) is a organisation and right-wing federation of cattle protection movements in India. It provides guidance and support in the construction of protective shelters for cattle and is supporting cattle rescue activities all over India. This organization is not affiliated with any political party, its members are all volunteer and it was founded in 2012 by Pawan Pandit.[2]


The organization has offered two different awards to be given to cattle protection movements, namely the "Hindu Ratna Awards" and the "Cattle Guard Honor Awards" (Gau Rakshak Samman Puraskar). Both awards were introduced by Pawan Pandit, both being given for the promotion of cattle protection and for the promotion of Hinduism by volunteers.[3]


In supporting the creation of new cattle protection groups, the organization has already set up more than 32 cattle protection groups in different Indian states.[4] It has spearheaded a campaign against the killing of cattle, filling many complaints against those who were found to be killers.[5][6] A member of the group was appointed to the cattle protection state committee in Punjab, strengthening the group's influence.[7] They openly participate in television debates and public meetings to support cattle protection groups, such as in the Akhlaq murder case.[8]

On June 25, 2016, two organization members were allegedly shot by cattle smugglers,[9] and on July 27, the Indian news channel, NDTV, aired a debate in which it was reported by Pawan Pandit that 100 volunteers in the cattle protection movement were shot by cattle smugglers. Later, he further said that approximately 44,000 cases of cattle smuggling have occurred in all of India, however, the media didn't broadcast anything about it.[10]

On July 31, 2016, NDTV has aired a report which shows a group of organization members forcibly stopping a truck on the outskirts of Pune, Maharashtra, yanking the driver out, snatching his phone, and pushing his truck to a police station.[11] The report further elaborates on how the so-called "cattle protectors" and other activists can be bribed to guarantee safe passage for cattle transporters.

The BGRD founder, Pawan Pandit strongly condemned any violence against humanity, stating that the organization is against the violence and is working on social ground with the police, yet there's a strong media backlash stating that vigilantes don't have a right to police anyone.[12][13]

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