Bharya Athra Pora

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Bharya Athra Pora
Bharya Athra Pora.jpg
Directed by Akku Akbar
Produced by Anto Joseph
Written by K Gireesh Kumar
Starring Jayaram
Music by Shyam Dharman
Cinematography Jibu Jacob
AJ Film Company
Release date
  • 3 May 2013 (2013-05-03)
Running time
150 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam
Box office 10 crores

Bharya Athra Pora is a 2013 Malayalam family film directed by Akku Akbar, starring Jayaram and Gopika in the lead roles. The cast and crew of 2008 film Veruthe Oru Bharya came together to make the film, although it is not a sequel to the first film.The film was a commercial success.[1]


Satyanathen (Jayaram) is a teacher at Vivekodayam school, Thrissur. His wife Priya (Gopika) is a bank employee and they have a fourteen-year-old son Bhaskaran. Satyanathan is an alcoholic. After school hours, he can be seen with his friends in the local bar or at thekkinkad maithanam where they play cards. He is dissatisfied with his life and wife. He befriends some young men of the new generation whose lifestyle tempts him. During an outing to a beach he reveals to his newly formed friends that he is in love with a girl called Neena Kuruvila whose thoughts and personality match with his. Priya gets to know about this while logging on to his Facebook account without his knowledge. She then tells her close friends, who suggest she take him to a rehabilitation center. But Priya decides that she is not interested in taking any experiments and that she is disgusted with his behaviour. She files a joint petition for divorce and both sign it. They decide to live separately until the 6 months given by court to settle for their divorce. Satyanathen decides to live on first floor and Priya lives in ground floor with Bhaskaran. After some time, he notices a man dropping by to see Priya everyday and he gets jealous. One day Neena decides to meet Satyanathen at beach side. She asked for 4 lakh rupees as help and flirts with him. He somehow adjusts and gives her that money not realizing it's a trap. Later on Satyanathen realizes that she is fake and had been taking money from many men outside and doing illicit affairs when the news about a raid flashes on TV. Bhaskaran has been telling the flashback to a doctor while he collapsed after running from police. He took a dirty video with his friend and saved it in a pendrive that happened to be found out by Priya and starts beating him for this. Hearing his own son making a video using his mentally ill friend makes him angry and this makes Bhaskaran run away from home being scared. Finally Dr Augustine brings Bhaskaran back to his home where he sees his friend Neha and breaks down. Satyanathen consoles him. Later on at the Family court, Priya and Satyanathen get divorced and expects them to change while living in the same house but separately. At the end of the movie Satyanathen and his son Bhaskaran takes an oath that they will change for good and Priya will come back to them.



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