Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu

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Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu
Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu.jpg
A promotional still from the movie
Directed by Rajasenan
Produced by Alex
Screenplay by Kishore
Story by Reji Photopark
Starring Rajasenan
Jagathy Sreekumar
Music by

M. Jayachandran

Rajeev Alunkal(lyrics)
Cinematography Saloo George
Edited by Samjith
Jini Cinema
Distributed by Jini Cinema Release
Release date
  • 29 July 2009 (2009-07-29)
Running time
130 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam

Bharya Onnu Makkal Moonnu (English: Wife: One, Children: Three) is a 2009 Malayalam film directed by Rajasenan and starring Rajasenan and Sithara. This is Rajasenan's debut film as an actor.


Chandramohan Thampi (Rajasenan) has never been able to live up to the expectations of his father Sachidanandan Thampy (Sivaji Guruvayur). On the other hand his younger brother Rajmohan Thampy (Rahman) has made it big in business. Problems mount up when gets married to a Christian girl from a poor family, Lisamma (Sithara). He becomes a post master and walks out of his home.

Lisamma has a heart ailment and Chandramohan borrows a money to treat her. Sometime later, the couple has three children. Meanwhile Chandramohan's debts pile up. His schoolmate GK (Mukesh) takes him to the Gulf to help him recover his debts.


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