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Bhatiyar is a Hindustani classical raga.


This raag is a beautiful blend of raag Marva and raag Mand.

Arohana & Avarohana[edit]

Aaroh - सा रे म प ध सां ।

             S R M P D Ṡ

Avroh - सां नी॒ ध प म ग रे सा ।

             Ṡ Ṉ D P M G R

Vadi & Samavadi[edit]

Vadi Swar - प (P)

Samvadi Swar - सा (S)

Pakad or Chalan[edit]

S m P D N r' N D m P G r S

M D S', r' N D P, D m P G r S

Or we have other way for Chalan as

S-D-P-D-m-P-G-M-D-S, r-N-D-P-D-m-P-G-r-s

Organization & Relationships[edit]

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Thaat: Marwa.


Behavior refers to practical aspects of the music. It is complicated to talk about this for Hindustani music since many of the concepts are fluid, changing, or archaic. The following information cannot be accurate, but it can attempt to reflect how the music existed.

Samay (Time)[edit]

Dawn morning raga..


Certain ragas have seasonal associations.


Historical Information[edit]


Important Recordings[edit]


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