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Place of origin India, Pakistan
Region or state Punjab (region)
Main ingredients White flour (maida), yogurt, ghee or oil, yeast
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Bhatoora, Bhatura, Batura or Batoora, Pathora, (Hindi: भटूरा, Urdu: بھٹورا‎, Punjabi: ਭਟੂਰਾ) is a fluffy deep-fried leavened bread from the Indian Subcontinent. It is often eaten with chickpea curry, chole or channe, making the traditional dish chole bhature.


A typical recipe includes white flour (maida), yogurt, ghee or oil, and either yeast or baking powder. Once kneaded well, the dough is left to rise, and then small balls of it are either hand-rolled or flattened using a rolling pin. Then the bread pieces are deep fried until they puff up into a lightly browned, soft, fluffy bread, which is elastic and chewy.

A nonfried variant is the kulcha, which can be baked or cooked on a flat pan and is garnished with coriander leaves. It is cooked from the same dough.

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