Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Girinagar

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Bhavan's Vidya Mandir Girinagar
Kochi, Kerala
Coordinates 9°57′29″N 76°18′01″E / 9.957919°N 76.300140°E / 9.957919; 76.300140Coordinates: 9°57′29″N 76°18′01″E / 9.957919°N 76.300140°E / 9.957919; 76.300140
School type Private recognized, Higher and Senior Secondary School (from Kindergarten)
Motto Aano Bhadrah Kratavo Yantu Vishwatah
(Let Noble thoughts come to us from every side)
Opened 1977
Founder Dr. Kulapati M. Munshi
Sister school Bhavan's Vidya Mandir (Elamakkara); Bhavans Varuna Vidhyalaya (Thrikkakara); Bhavan's Adarsha Vidyalaya (Kakkanad); Bhavan's Vidya Mandir (Eroor); Bhavan's Munshi Vidyashram (Thiruvankulam)
School board CBSE
Director Sri. E Ramankutty
Principal Mrs. Sunitha
Staff 113 (32 non-teaching staff)
Teaching staff 81
Number of students 1800
Language English
Campus size 1.7 acres
Houses Ahimsa (Non-Violence)
Dharmam (Virtue)
Jnanam (Knowledge)
Sathyam (Truth)
Sevanam (Service)
Shanthi (Peace)
Thyagam (Sacrifice)
Vinayam (Kind-Heartedness)
Song Bhavan's Anthem (Jai Jai Vidya)
Publication Bhavana, Toolika
Affiliations CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), India

Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Girinagar [B.V.M. (G)] is a Senior Secondary School (Std. I–XII) affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. It is a part of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, a group of educational institutions and is situated in Girinagar, Ernakulam (Cochin), Kerala, India.


Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Girinagar was founded in 1977 on 1.7 acres (6,900 m2) of land donated by the Cochin Shipyard in the heart of Kochi City.

The school functions under the purview of the Kochi Kendra of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, which runs 7 schools in Kochi. Apart from the main subjects taught, the school also has judo, archery, basketball, karate and National Cadet Corps (NCC) coaching after school timings, which generally runs on Mondays–Tuesdays 3:00–5:00 PM. The school got the Best School Award 2011 in India. The school has 1,600 students and 85 teachers.


The school has three terms for Classes 1–5—first term is June–August, second term September–December, third term January–March.

For classes 6–10 it has two terms—first term June–Early October (starting 2012–13, May–September), second term Mid-October–March (starting 2012–13, October–March). The school opens at the beginning of June for Class I to VIII, XI and May for Classes IX–X and XII), and closes in March.

The summer vacation lasts from April beginning to May end for Class 1–8 and Class 11. For Class 9, 10, and 12, April alone is the month of vacation and May marks the beginning of their classes.

The school timing is from 7:45 am to 1:30 pm for Primary section and from 7:45 am to 2:50 pm for the Secondary and Senior-Secondary Sections Mondays to Fridays. The school functions on third Saturdays, for the students of Class 6–12 only.


The school is open from Grade 1 to Grade 12 [1st standard to 12th standard] and the age group is from 6 years to 17 years. The school is divided into Primary [1–5], Secondary [6–10] and Senior Secondary [11–12] classes. Apart from the main subjects taught at school, the school also has judo, archery, basketball and NCC coachings after school timings.


  • 51 classrooms equipped with TeachNext Plasma TV
  • Fully air-conditioned computer lab
  • Junior science, Science and Maths labs
  • Library
  • Music, dance, tabla, keyboard, jazz, yoga, sports, NCC, karate, drawing, work experience and Art and Craft room
  • Air conditioned Audio-visual room
  • Courts for cricket, football, basketball, tennis, badminton and martial arts
  • Canteen Facility (provides Indian Lunch at afternoon for every student at a very low cost)
  • Four Language Rooms
  • Auditorium
  • Resource Room to aid students with learning disabilities

An Add-On Facility: The "Plasma TV"[edit]

Classrooms are the best and favorite places of all children, from Class I to XII. The school does not just have a teacher standing in the corner of a classroom and dictating stuff which makes children sleep and the act of education boring. All classrooms of the school are equipped with a Superior Digital Technology now common to only a countable number of schools in Kerala. It is the Plasma TV. Bhavan's Girinagar was the first school to introduce it in the Kochi City of Kerala. The classes of the school now have the "TeachNext Education"—An All-India Company's Teaching Software installed in its Plasma TV, for all classes from Std. I to XII.

You can go to the official website of TeachNext: TeachNext: Next Education's Official Website

Launching of the School Website[edit]

The school website was formally launched in June 2012. The website URL is:

The PEACE Programme[edit]

The school has a yearly programme called the PEACE (Programme for Educational and Cultural Exchange) along with the students of The Judd School and Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School, Kent, England. This is an exchange programme in which nearly 30 students and five teachers are hosted by students and teachers of one of the member schools for approximately 20 days for one academic year; the next year, the students and teachers who hosted during the previous year travel to be hosted by those who visited them the previous year. This program was started in the year 1995.

Subjects and Periods[edit]

The school has seven periods a day for Primaries (Class I–V) and nine periods a day for Secondary (Class VI–XII), each consisting for around 40–45 minutes.


CLASS I to X[edit]

All subjects and languages are to be studied compulsorily unless said below.

CLASS XI and XII[edit]


  • A: Bio-Mathematics—English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics.
  • B: Computer-Maths—English, Computer Science (Practicals and Theory), Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  • C: Bio-Info - English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Informatics Practices.


  • A: Commerce-Maths—Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics and English.
  • B: Commerce-Info—English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Informatics Practices.

Students can choose any one from these 4 sets.

Co-Curricular Studies[edit]

Co-curricular studies have been given utmost importance in the school. The school promotes al types of extra-curricular activities through periods given especially for them. All students must study all these fields compulsorily, unless otherwise indicated. Most of these fields apply only to Students of Class I-VIII, but some of these apply to everyone (i.e. Class I to XII). They are indicated below.

  • Computer Science Courses [both Theory and Practicals] (Std. III to X): Is compulsory for everyone to study. Can opt for the same in Classes XI and XII.
  • Work Experience Classes (Std. I to X): Is compulsory for everyone to study. Teaches in Craft, Art, Glass Painting, and Model Making etc.
  • Life Skills classes is compulsory for all classes from Std. I to Std. VIII.
  • Art Education classes, also referred to as Art Training classes, are held for every class from I to XII, is compulsory. They teach Music (Indian and Western), Dance (Indian), Yoga (Exercises), Organ (Keyboard), Tabla, Mridangam, Drawing and Painting, Jazz (Drums). Students must compulsorily opt any ONE of these as their Art Education subject.
  • Physical Training classes for football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, chess and table tennis are held for all classes and is NOT compulsory. Instead, students can opt for martial arts training classes (karate, judo, taekwondo).
  • Libraryis a period for Std. I to XII when they are taken to the School Library and can read titles mainly on fiction, from the 1,00,000+ titles available.
  • House Activity is a class held for VI to VIII, when the children are divided into houses Ahimsa (Non-Violence), Dharmam (Justice), Jnanam (Knowledge), Satyam (Truth), Sevanam (Service), Shanthi (Peace), Thyagam (Sacrifice), and Vinayam (Kindness). The period poses competitions and activities among each house, to find which house is top. It is a compulsory period.
  • Club Activity is a class held for Classes VI-VIII, during which children are divided into clubs, namely: Science Club, Consumer Club, Social Service (or Sanskriti) Club, Integrity Club, Reading and Quiz Club, Health and Wellness Club etc. Students can opt for any one Club and this period is compulsory.
  • GK / Culture Course classes are held for Std. I-VIII and is compulsory. A "Cultural Course" class is held along with this class which embarks Religious values into students.
  • Work Education periods given below.

Work Education Initiative[edit]

Work Education course was embarked as a Co-Curricular, yet an assessed kind of activity in the school from the academic year 2011-2012 onward. Unlike the first year when it was introduced on a temporary basis, from the academic year 2012-2013 onward, specially trained staff for the job have been employed on a part-time basis in the school. This is a compulsory period for the students of Classes VI, VII, VIII, IX and X, the classes being for 2 hours (approx.) on the First, Third and Fifth Saturdays of a month. The course teaches the following subjects for students of these classes, out of which ANY ONE section mus be opted for the entire academic year, by the student.

  • Food and Nutrition : Cookery classes, special know-how about nutrition classes etc., by Doctors and Diaticians.
  • Art and Craft : Metal embossing, Glass painting, Nib painting, Pot painting, Tie and dye, Collage.
  • Elements of Dress Designing : Tailoring, Stitching, Embroidery, Knitting.
  • Creativity and Improvement : Making useful products out of waste products.
  • Photography and Animation (Only for Class 9 and 10): Teaches modern Photography techniques, and 2-D Animation (Std. IX) and 3-D Animation (Std. X).
  • Home Management : Interior designing and decorating, flower arrangement, beautician course, jewellery designing.
  • Health Education : Sports and Games, Safety, First Aid, Traffic rules etc.

Cultural Fests[edit]

  • Magnum Opus is the school's annual cultural fest, held by XIth Graders. It is an inter-school contest involving competitions. It is conducted by the students of the XIth standard. The fest develops leadership skills of the students.
  • The school has an Annual Day: and is usually conducted in January.
  • A Sports Day is organized in November/December/January of every year.

Awards and recognitions[edit]

  • BVM Girinagar was declared International School Award 2010 by the British Council.
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan India won Best Teacher Award (2010), Best Student Award (2010, 2013 and 2014) and Best School Award (2011–2012).

Heads of the school[edit]


  • Smt. Vijayalakshmi, Principal (1980–2004)
  • Smt. Nirmala Venkateshwaran, Principal (2004–2015)
  • smt. Sunitha,Principal [2015–present]

Vice Principals[edit]

  • Smt. Nirmala Venkateshwaran, Vice Principal (2000–2004)
  • Smt. Shanta E P, Vice Principal (2008–2012)
  • Smt. Uma Devi K, Vice Principal (2012–2015)
  • smt. Rema Devi,vice principal [2015–present]

Heads of the management[edit]

  • Sri. E Ramankutty (Director)

Hon. Secretary and Hon. Chairman of the School have resigned with effect April 2013.

Office Bearers for 2013–2014[edit]

  • Senior Head Boy: A Senior Head Boy for the school (often abbreviated as School Captain) is selected from among students of Std XII. Although a practice for the teachers to nominate a candidate whom they consider suitable for the post after consultation with the Principal and Vice Principal of the school, in 2012, the rule was changed to voting where students of Std XII voted under secret ballot to elect their Captain. However, this invited much criticism from teachers towards the end of the year, and consultations are on to decide whether nomination process must be restarted from the academic year 2013–2014 onward.
  • Senior Head Girl: Same as mentioned for Senior Head Boy.
  • Junior Head Boy: A Junior Head Boy for the school (often abbreviated as Junior School Captain) is selected from among students of Std X. By practice, teachers of the school nominate a candidate whom they consider suitable for the post after consultation with the Principal and Vice Principal of the school.
  • Junior Head Girl: Same as mentioned for Junior Head Boy.
  • Sports Captain: Sports Captain is nominated by the Physical Education (PE) Department teachers after due discussions and deliberations among themselves, and also with the Principal and Vice Principal. The office-bearer is from Std XII.
  • Games Captain: Same as mentioned for Sports Captain.

Besides, all Houses are headed by Captains (Class 10), Vice Captains (Class 9) and Prefects (Class 8).

Office Bearers for the academic year 2016-2017[edit]

  • SENIOR HEAD BOY - Karun Krishnan
  • SENIOR HEAD GIRL- Dhyuthi Kurien
  • JUNIOR HEAD BOY- Ashwin Somanath
  • JUNIOR HEAD GIRL- Anjana Jagadeesh
  • JR.GAMES CAPTAIN- Abhay Ramaswamy

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