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Rajcomics Bheriya.jpg
Original Bheriya from "Amar Prem Series" drawn by lalit singh color by pradeep sherawat
Publication information
Publisher Raj Comics
First appearance Bheryia (1996)
Created by Dheeraj Verma
In-story information
Alter ego Kobi

Bheriya (Hindi: भेड़िया) is a fictional character, an Indian comic book character, published by Raj Comics. Bheriya was created by Dheeraj Verma in December 1993.

In 1997 India's first digitally colored comicbook Kobi aur Bheriya was published.


More than fifty thousand years ago, there was a kingdom by the name Wolfano, in which lived a highly evolved breed of Wolves who were powerful warriors and walked upright. Their king was a wolf named Wolfa who took fancy to a human girl, Rajkumari Survaiya. She was a princess of the human kingdom Konkani. Wolfa tricks the girl into matrimony, and they have a son, Kobi.

Eventually, Survaiya sees through the trick and leaves Wolfa and Kobi to marry another king of moraghah. King konkan of konkani tricks and destroys the wolf kingdom of wulfano,but guru Bhatiki-the main saviour and priest of wolfano saves Kobi from being killed and then he brings up Kobi and converts him into a fearsome warrior. When Kobi comes of age, he and his father go to claim her. Survaiya, in a rage at this audacity, curses Kobi and turns him into a gold statue.

Fifty thousand years later the curse is lifted and Kobi finds himself in a jungle in Assam. He starts his new life with the name "Bheriya". Bheriya is a towering figure with howling mane, twisting tail and glowing eyes. He protects his native forest with a passion, and the natives worshiped him as their wolf God. And he is also called as "jungle ka jallad"

Bheriya finds a master, Bhatiki, who teaches him how to fight. Bhatiki splits Bheriya into "Kobi" (Animal part of bheriya-Mobos energy) and "Bheriya"(Human part of Bheriya-Phobos energy). Bhatiki did this in order to send Kobi to Wolfano. But bhatiki fails to do so. Meanwhile Kobi the wolf or animal part of Bheriya marries Jane and is unable to leave the jungle. For 10 years Kobi resided in the jungles of Assam, protecting the residents from many dangers, but sometimes endangering them due to his foolishness. Bheriya and Kobi in spite of being part of the same body( the original Bheriya) are constantly at loggerheads, primarily because of differences in their nature. Kobi is short-tempered, foolish & aggressive whereas Bheriya is mature & intelligent. Tribals respect Bheriya and hail him as their saviour, whereas they fear Kobi's fury and try to keep him pleased. Nevertheless, Kobi too helps in protecting the jungle, in his own ways.[1]

VITAL STATISTICS(Original Bheriya):
Height- 8'0
Weight- 154 kg.

Height- 8'0
Weight- 138 kg.

VITAL STATISTICS(Bheriya- Human Part):
Height- 6'6
Weight- 122 kg.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Kobi could lengthen his tail to any desired length at wish and use it as a potent weapon or aid. In times of extreme crises he invokes wolf Gods and a fearsome mace materializes in his hand to smash the enemy,which comes upon calling the word "madad" that means help. When in need Kobi can also call for help of an army of wolves,circling his area. These wolves consider him as their god and worship him. Kobi's "wolf face belt" grants him healing power, but it is not very quick. Actually a set of 3 divine ornaments is the source of all his powere; A necklace, 2 bracelets and a wolf face belt.

Bheriya is a fearsome warrior having inherited all the fighting skills from the original Kobi. Bheriya is also a master of many ancient tricks and fighting skills and many a times he has beaten Kobi too. There are many differences among Kobi and Bheriya. Bheriya is very wise,kind and of human nature while Kobi is wild, mischievous, aggressive and in fit of anger he goes mad.

Both Bhediya and Kobi learned most advanced hand to hand combat from Gururaj Bhatiki.

Family, friends and allies[edit]

Jane - She is the lover of Bheriya who wants Kobi and Bheriya to be one again. She was once a spy of France, but during a mission, she came in Assam and fell in love with Bheriya. When Kobi and Bheriya get separated, Jane remains married to Kobi, but she believes that Kobi and Bheriya are of one soul. She is intelligent, beautiful, brave and she had saved Bheriya's life many times.

Guru Bhatiki - Bheriya learned fighting skills under the tutelage of guru Bhatiki. He is very powerful and in some cases,cunning too. He was one of the founders of Wolfano, Bheriya's motherland along with Kaalnemi and Pretaal, the two villains. His only dream is to rebuild Wolfano and to bring Kobi and Bheriya to it. Bhatiki is the one responsible for the split of old Bheriya.

Fuzobaba - He is protector of jungle. He cures every organism, human or animal. He is very wise and has the ability to talk with animals. He was once a criminal, Fajihat Singh, but later his mind changed and he started serving nature. He had helped Bheriya in his various deadly missions. Although Bheriya respects him and helps him, Kobi thinks him as his enemy calling him "buddha-thuddha". For Jane, he is a father figure and also for the whole jungle. Every creature of the jungle respects him.


His arch rivals include Elphanto, Tuntunna, Andhadhundh, Kaigula, Kaalnemi, Pretaal, Grahno, King Luna and Nishaachi.

AmarPrem series[edit]

Raj Comics started a series on Kobi-Bheriya and Jane, which revolves around their love and love confusion from Bheriya's past. There are two comics in this series which involves how Bheiya helps Bhokal in finding his love Tureen(comics). The name of this series is Amar Prem (Comics Series) (The Immortal Love)and the tagline is Kaanton Bhara Antaheen Safar. It is perhaps the longest series in the history of Raj comics. This series contains the following issues:[2]

  • Prem Ritu
  • Kobi Prem
  • Guru Bhokal
  • Kobi Dakshina
  • Amar Prem
  • Prem Bala
  • Prem Na Khoon
  • Prem Hiran
  • Avdhoot
  • Prem Pishaach
  • Prem Tadap
  • Prem Prateek
  • Prem Ratan
  • Prem Ashru
  • Prem Shrad
  • Van Rakshak
  • Shapit Rakshak
  • Aahuti

Other famous titles[edit]

  1. Bhediya
  2. Lutera Sher
  3. Nanhe Hatyare
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  27. Mar Gaya Bheriya
  28. Kobi Bajaaye Baja
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  30. Apshagun
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  38. Ghatak Jungle
  39. Dekh Tabahi Lakdi Ki
  40. Mission Nakaam
  41. Bhedaash
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  44. Sardar Kobi
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  47. Junglepaar
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  49. Kaise Ladu Kaise Bhidun
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  66. Brahmaand Rakshak


Bheriya's early comics were written and drawn by Dheeraj Verma. But majority of the comics were and are still written by TarunKumar Vahi (Main Writer). Following 1998 to present, Vivek Mohan/Sanjay Gupta gives Plot ideas to Tarun Kumar Vahi and Mr.Vahi Writes the comic from those plots. Currently Adil Khan is majorly drawing for Amar Prem Series.


The first 2 Issues of Bheryia were fully drawn by Dheeraj verma, But after that Dheeraj Verma did pencils, while Rajandar Dhoni (Verma's Student) did the Inking. Dheeraj verma drew Bheryia from 1993-2002. However Mr.Verma Left Raj comics between 2000-2001 temporarily, and came back after 2 months. During their leave, the Artwork was assigned to Naresh. Dheeraj Verma eventually left Raj comics permanently in 2002.


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