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The Bhil Kataria are a sub-division of the Bhil community found in the state of Rajasthan in India. They are known as Kataria Bhil because they inhabit the Kataria region of Rajasthan. It is an area that covers parts of the districts of Udaipur, Dungarpur and Banswara.[1]

Their clans are known as atak, and there are said to be at least eighty four ataks. The Kataria are a community of small and medium-sized farmers. Most of their settlements are exclusively Kataria, and each of them contains an informal caste association. This acts as an instrument of social control, punishing those who transgress community norms. They are entirely Hindu and unlike other Bhil groups do not have non Hindu tribal deities. The Kataria speak the Bagri dialect of Rajasthani.[1]


Like other Bhil groups, they are endogamous. They have a greater level of distance from assimilation by Brahminical Sanskritisation.

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