Bhima Jewellers

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Bhima Jewellers
FoundedAlappuzha, 1925
FounderBhima Bhattar
Number of locations
Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, United Arab Emirates
Area served
South India & United Arab Emirates [1]
Number of employees

Bhima Jewellers is a jewellery retail company based in India. It was established by late Sri Bhima Bhattar in the year 1925. Currently the group has 36 jewellery shops[2] across South India and with a work-force greater than 2000 people. Bhima Jewellers were the first jewellery to introduce ready made Jewellery concept under the guidance of its founder Bhima Bhattar.

Bhima Showroom in Kollam city

Bhima has its chain of branches spread across South India, including main branches at Thiruvananthapuram,[3] Kochi,[4] Kozhikode,[5] Bangalore, Nagercoil and Madurai . After the death of founder Bhatter, the Bhima Group was managed by his five sons, Girirajan, Govindan, Krishnan, Bindhumadhav and Lakshmi Kanthan, with each having separately managed headquarters and their own chain of branches.[citation needed] In 2012, Bhima announced a 2-year plan to expand its jewellery network by investing Rs 500 crore.[6]

With a turnover of 8,000 crore in 2013, it was considered one of the six firms that controlled India's gold.[7]


Traditional Kerala designs, Tamil Nadu designs, Bengali heavy weight designs, Nellore colour Stone studded jewellery, Karwar precious Stone studded jewellery, diamond,[8] platinum and silver jewellery[9]


Bhima won several awards in the jewellery industry. Bhima has been retaining its position of highest sales tax paying[10] jewellery showroom award in Kerala State for several years and also maintains top position[11] in the Grand Kerala Shopping Festival (GKSF),[12][13][14] conducted by the Government of Kerala.

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