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Village development committee
Bhimphedi Bajaar
Bhimphedi Bajaar
Map of the Makwanpur showing Bhimphedi in black
Map of the Makwanpur showing Bhimphedi in black
Bhimphedi is located in Nepal
Location in Nepal
Coordinates: 27°33′0″N 85°7′30″E / 27.55000°N 85.12500°E / 27.55000; 85.12500Coordinates: 27°33′0″N 85°7′30″E / 27.55000°N 85.12500°E / 27.55000; 85.12500
Country    Nepal
Zone Narayani Zone
District Makwanpur District
Population (1991)
 • Total 5,742
Time zone Nepal Time (UTC+5:45)

Bhimphedi (Nepali, Nepal Bhasa:भीमफेदी), is a village located in Makwanpur District of Narayani Zone of Nepal. This VDC is known for its bajar (marketplace).


The word "Bhimphedi" comes from Sanskrit word "Bhim" (a character from Mahabharat) and Nepali word "phedi" meaning a base of a hill. According to local beliefs, the Pandavas from Mahabharat had stayed in the forests of present day Bhimphedi during their time in exile. So, the place was called Bhimphedi.


Before the construction of highways, goods from India were taken to Kathmandu valley from this place. The first motor vehicles of Nepal were carried by people through this VDC. The VDC served as the district headquarters of Makwanpur before it was shifted to Hetauda. The market of the VDC suffered tremendously after the shifting of headquarters to Hetaunda.


Bhimphedi is located to the south of Kathmandu valley in Makwanpur district of Narayani zone, Nepal. The VDC is bounded by-


According to 2001 census of Nepal, there were 1107 houses in Bhimphedi and 5742 (49% male, 51% female) people.[1] The main population living in the market are Newars. There are Tamang and Khas population in villages.


The main roads to Bhimphedi are-

  • Hetaunda-Bhimfedi Road(23 km)[2]
  • Bhimphedi-Kulekhani-Fakhel-Kathmandu (53 km)[2]
  • Bhainse-Bhimphedi-Chitlang-Thankot Road (Ganesh Man Singh Road)[3]

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