Bhiwandi-Nizampur Municipal Corporation

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Bhiwandi-Nizampur Municipal Corporation
भिवंडी निजामपुर महानगर पालिका
Balaji khatgaonkar
Deputy Mayor
Siddique Husaain, Indian National Congress
Seats 90
Last election
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Coordinates: 19°17′56″N 73°03′51″E / 19.298969°N 73.064129°E / 19.298969; 73.064129 Bhiwandi-Nizampur City Municipal Corporation is a civic body formed after dissolution of "BNMC" (Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Council) into Corporation by an act of Government Of Maharashtra in 2002 to administer the industrial township of Bhiwandi, which is a city in Thane District in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

The combined population of Bhiwandi-Nizampur and Bhiwandi was 709,665 at the 2011 census.[1]

It is an industrial city, and well connected through railways and roadways. It is 47 km away from Mumbai, 17 km from Thane and 15 km from Kalyan.Bhiwandi contains 3 flyovers at damankarnaka,kalyan naka to st stand and other is vanjarpatti naka. Another 3 flyovers are under construction at kalyan road up to sai baba temple next at bypass crossing of bhiwandi and kalyan road another at mankoli naka.

Corporation Election 2012[edit]

Political performance in Election 2012[edit]

S.No. Party Name Party flag or symbol Number of Corporatorsk[pfadjfpoa qffspjfpjfpfpaqjfjasdjfkjjf
01 Indian National Congress (INC) Flag of the Indian National Congress.svg 26[2]
02 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) 08
03 Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) NCP-flag.svg 09
04 Shiv Sena (SS) Indian Election Symbol Bow And Arrow.png 16
05 Other State Parties No flag.svg 16
06 Other Registered Parties No flag.svg 08
07 Independents No flag.svg 07



With the introduction of LBT, Octroi was abolished from 21 May 2013.

Local Body Tax[edit]

Local Body Tax (LBT) was introduced from 22 May 2013 in the Municipal corporation of Bhiwandi.


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