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Lord Bhoodsidhhanatha Temple
Lord Bhoodsidhhanatha
Lord Bhoodsidhhanatha
Bhoodsidhhanath is located in Maharashtra
Location within Maharashtra
Coordinates 17°20′23″N 74°41′9″E / 17.33972°N 74.68583°E / 17.33972; 74.68583Coordinates: 17°20′23″N 74°41′9″E / 17.33972°N 74.68583°E / 17.33972; 74.68583
Country India
State Maharashtra
District Sangli district
Location Bhood
Sanctum Shiva
Major festivals Chaitra Krishna Astami, Dasara
Architecture Mandir

For other uses related to Sidhhanath Temple, see: Sidhhanath Temple (disambiguation)

Bhoodsiddanath Mandir

Bhood is well known for Lord Siddhanath (Lord Bhoodsidhhnatha). Siddhanath is believed to be incarnation of Lord Shiva. Siddhanath is patron god of adjacent regions and one of among several regional protective (Kshetrapal) gods of Maharashtra.[1]


Lord Bhoodsidhhanath Mandir is located in Bhood, Maharashtra, India.[1]
Bhood (Marathi: भूड) is a village in Khanapur (Vita) tehsil of the Sangli district in Maharashtra, India. It is nearby the city of Vita.


Sasankathes in Chaitra Ashtami

Annual festival of Lord Bhoodsidhhanatha is held on Chaitra Krishna Ashtami known as Chaitra Ashtami. Chaitra Ashtami is a three-day celebration of the Lord's wedding ceremony. On the first day bullock cart race is organised near the temple. Second day is the most important day and on this day Sasankathi(Holy long wooden or metallic bar) and Diva(Holy lamp) are the main attractions. On the third day Kusumba(Type of Bhang) is serveed as Prasadam to the Lord..


Bhood is well connected by road with adjacent villages as well as the cities in Maharashtra State. By road, Bhood is 275 km south-west of Mumbai, 73 km north of Sangli and 18 km from Vita. The nearest villages and towns are Khanapur (10 km), Lengare (5 km), and Kharsundi (13 km). Also Bhood is well connected to National Highway 4 by domestic roads.

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