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The land records management software
Type of site
Government Site
Available inEnglish and Kannada
OwnerRevenue department, Government of Karnataka
Created byNational Informatics Centre, Karnataka
Alexa rankIncrease 8,165 (Global, February 2017)
Current statusOnline
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Free Documentation License

Bhoomi is a project jointly funded by the Government of India and the Government of Karnataka to digitize the paper land records and create a software mechanism to control changes to the land registry in Karnataka. The project was designed to eliminate the long-standing problem of inefficiency and corruption in the maintenance of land records at dispersed and poorly supervised and audited block-level offices known as "taluka" offices in South India and "tehsildar" offices in North India. The project development and implementation was done by National Informatics Centre.

Many experiments with computerization have failed due to corruption and other factors.[1][2]

Implementation of Land record computerization has been difficult in India. Bhoomi succeeded because there was a champion who worked a 15-hour day for over 12 months, devoting 80% of his time to the project. Minimizing resistance from staff by harnessing political support was an important contributory factor. Extensive training coupled with a participatory style also helped to diminish resistance."

— A paper published by World Bank in 2001[3]

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